An update and a goodbye.

Hi y'all.  I'm sad to share with you that it's time for this blog to come to its end.  I will maintain the NOiG Facebook page and keep The Map up to date to the best of my abilities, but the blog itself has run its course.  It will stay up as a resource, but always remember that restaurants and cities change rapidly and the posts here will fall out of date.

The support I've gotten for this project has been wonderful and I greatly appreciate everyone who's ever taken the time to read it.  I hope all my work here has been helpful for you.  Keep eating delicious vegan food in Nola, and please feel free to reach out on Facebook or elsewhere for questions or recommendations.

Thanks for a great ride y'all.

P.S. - I do have a new blog.  It's not about vegan stuff per se, though that topic will certainly come up from time to time.  It's called Self Care and Ponies - check it out if you like either of those things, or me.