VeganMoFo 2016:
A Few of my Favorite (Vegan New Orleans) Things.
Day 11: my favorite hand-pulled noodles.

Welcome to A Few of my Favorite (Vegan New Orleans) Things, a month-long mini-series for VeganMoFo 2016!  Today I bring you my favorite hand-pulled noodles: Noodle and Pie wins!  I know that seems kind of random, but noodles are my favorite food.  FYI, it was a very close competition between these in the charred mushroom, onion, and tomato ramen at Noodle and Pie and those in the fried sauce noodles at Bao and Noodle.  You should try them both and see which ones you love the most!

There are beautiful hand-pulled noodles under all those gorgeous veggies, I swear!

See them poking out under there?

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