Eat the Guide: Origami Sushi

Hello and welcome to the NOiG series Eat the Guide!  In this series, I explore the scores of restaurants included in the NOIG Guide to Vegan-Friendly Restaurants.  You can follow along in the guide or right here on the blog, or both of course.  See previous posts here, and enjoy!

Welcome to the second interruption of A Few of my Favorite (Vegan New Orleans) Things.  This week in Eat the Guide, we finally venture past Mid-City and on to Freret with a visit to Origami Sushi.  This is not my favorite sushi restaurant in town, but it'll do in a pinch.

Appearance and Atmosphere: As is seen often in New Orleans, Origami is actually an old house.  The interior of this restaurant is pleasant and somewhat dimly lit, dominated by angular blonde wood booths that run along the long wall.  Outdoor seating is available on a wraparound porch.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday 11:30am to 10pm; Friday and Saturday 11:30am to 11pm; Sunday dinner only 5pm to 9pm.

Service Style: Full table service or sushi bar seating.

Veggie Gyoza
Available Vegan Options: This was a bit difficult to discern.  Vegetarian items are supposedly marked with an asterisk on the menu, but we discovered that even some of these contain fish.  In the end I think we can safely say that the following items are vegan: Edamame; veggie gyoza; seaweed salad; cucumber salad; tofu steak dinner; and several vegetable rolls.  The double mushroom roll was particularly good.  Of note, neither the tempura nor the miso soup here are vegan.

Alcohol or Espresso: Wine and sake are available.

Price Range: Appetizers and rolls run $5-6, dinners $10 and up.

Tofu Steak Dinner
My Experience: I have recently heard about vegans having bad experiences here.  That said, our server was friendly and knowledgeable about vegan options and I feel confident that the food we received was in fact vegan.  But I do find it frustrating and foolish that there are items on the menu marked as vegetarian that contain fish.

Final Thoughts:  Visit Origami when your company insists on going there.  Otherwise, head to Chiba to scratch your sushi itch.

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  1. What a shame about how unreliable the menu was! On the plus side, the gyoza look amazing, and at least you have a better sushi spot in town.


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