The Farm to Table Experience Returns to New Orleans

 Hello friends!  Tomorrow through Saturday, I will once again be attending and live-tweeting at the Farm to Table Experience.  The event "explores the cultivation, distribution, and consumption of food and drink sourced locally through experiential learning. It is designed to celebrate where our food and beverages originate from through tastings, interactive gardening and cooking demonstrations, hands-on workshops, educational sessions, social events, and more. While New Orleans is already known as a premier food destination nation-wide, this event will help promote the city as a critical center for agricultural and food chain solutions."

I plan to attend the following plenary and breakout sessions on Thursday:
  • Opening session: Defining Farm to Table and Debunking Labeling Myths with Rebecca Asente of the FDA, Bobby Fletcher of the Louisiana Egg Commission, Chef Phillip Lopez, and Richard McCarthy of Slow Food
  • Louisiana Farm to School Program Act with John Westra of the LSU Ag Center
  • Beyond Farmer's Markets: Producing for Retail with Alan Lewis of Natural Grocers
  • Cultivating Communities with Students: Farming, Marketing and giving back with the staff from Long Vue House and Gardens
  • Aquaponics: Building Local Food Systems through Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Rebecca Nelson
  • Plenary session: Food Safety Modernization Act: Redefining Farm to Table Food Safety with Dr. Achyut Adhikari, Chef Richard Jones, and Baylen Linnekin

Follow along on twitter - I'm @NOLAinGreen and the hashtag of choice is #F2Te16.  Also tune in Thursday evening for a report on Thursday's event as well as the plan for Friday!  Anyone else attending?

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