Guard Your Grill at Kitchen Witch Cookbooks on 9/9!

Hello all!  Guard Your Grill, one of Nola's newest and most happening vegan pop-ups, will be appearing at Kitchen Witch Cookbooks on Friday, September 9th!

The shop entrance is located at 2526 Bayou Road, and food will be available from 5pm to 7pm for cash only.  Make sure to stop by, and check out the Facebook event here


Eat the Guide! A New NOiG Series.

Hello!  I come to you today with an exciting announcement.  As you know if you're a regular NOiG reader, in the spring I published an updated guide to vegan-friendly restaurants in New Orleans.  Now, in an effort to put my money where my mouth is - or maybe put my mouth where my guide is? - I am making a city-wide tour of its listings!  Specifically, I plan to begin going through the guide, in order, and dining (again for the most part) at each restaurant included therein.  Fun!

You may have some questions.

Like, How long will this take?  Given that the guide lists 90 restaurants, not including those outside of the more concentrated neighborhoods, food trucks, and pop-ups, it's going to take quite a long time.  This series is projected to wrap up in the Spring of 2018!  Right around when I'm likely to be updating the guide again, incidentally.

And, When will I post?  Every Monday morning from now until I visit them all.

And, What will I say?  Each post will have the following information:
  1. A general description of the restaurant and its overall appearance / ambiance.
  2. Its hours of operation as of the time of my visit.
  3. Its service style.
  4. What vegan options are there, and whether it specifically provides items that are soy-free, gluten-free, et cetera.
  5. Whether and to what extent it provides alcohol and/or espresso drinks.
  6. A price range for vegan options.
  7. What I ate, with pics!  And a description of my visit.
Are y'all excited?  This is our chance to really dig deep and examine many of New Orleans' vegan offerings.  I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am.  Expect the first Eat the Guide post on Monday, September 5th!

Follow along with your own guide!  Join me for dinner maybe!  It's going to be a good time.


Do you know how to get The Guide?

Hi all!  Just popping in to make sure everyone knows how to get a copy of New Orleans in Green's Guide to Vegan-Friendly Restaurants!  Just in case you don't know how to get your own copy - do it right here!


The Farm to Table Experience, Day 1 Recapped

Hello all!  As you may have read about yesterday, today I attended the first day of the Farm to Table Experience at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.  And honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Overall, today the event felt empty.  This year the conference is not taking place in conjunction with the Louisiana Foodservice and Hospitality Expo, meaning that there's no grand exhibition to wander through when things get dull.  And the event itself was both small and too spread out, making it feel sparse and bare.  It has moved from its previous home in Hall J all the way to Hall A, meaning that there is no longer a tiered auditorium for the larger sessions.  The new setup feels... less official, maybe?

More important though, the day was lackluster in content.  None of the sessions really grabbed me.  (If you're interested in what I saw, check out the twitter hashtag #f2te16.  Very few other people were tweeting, so you'll mostly just see me!) 

All that said, I am quite excited for several of the sessions scheduled for tomorrow, including the plenary opening session on food waste; a talk with Baylen Linnekin about his upcoming book Biting the Hand that Feeds Us and the ideas therein about smaller, smarter governance of food; the ReThink Food Justice Collective's talk on decolonizing food; and the Tropical Foodways talk and kitchen demonstration with chef Dana Honn of our beloved Carmo.  Follow along on twitter if you dare!


The Farm to Table Experience Returns to New Orleans

 Hello friends!  Tomorrow through Saturday, I will once again be attending and live-tweeting at the Farm to Table Experience.  The event "explores the cultivation, distribution, and consumption of food and drink sourced locally through experiential learning. It is designed to celebrate where our food and beverages originate from through tastings, interactive gardening and cooking demonstrations, hands-on workshops, educational sessions, social events, and more. While New Orleans is already known as a premier food destination nation-wide, this event will help promote the city as a critical center for agricultural and food chain solutions."

I plan to attend the following plenary and breakout sessions on Thursday:
  • Opening session: Defining Farm to Table and Debunking Labeling Myths with Rebecca Asente of the FDA, Bobby Fletcher of the Louisiana Egg Commission, Chef Phillip Lopez, and Richard McCarthy of Slow Food
  • Louisiana Farm to School Program Act with John Westra of the LSU Ag Center
  • Beyond Farmer's Markets: Producing for Retail with Alan Lewis of Natural Grocers
  • Cultivating Communities with Students: Farming, Marketing and giving back with the staff from Long Vue House and Gardens
  • Aquaponics: Building Local Food Systems through Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Rebecca Nelson
  • Plenary session: Food Safety Modernization Act: Redefining Farm to Table Food Safety with Dr. Achyut Adhikari, Chef Richard Jones, and Baylen Linnekin

Follow along on twitter - I'm @NOLAinGreen and the hashtag of choice is #F2Te16.  Also tune in Thursday evening for a report on Thursday's event as well as the plan for Friday!  Anyone else attending?