Let's Eat Local!
NOiG Joins the Eat Local Challenge

Hi all!  I hope you all enjoyed NOiG Scavenger Hunt Week - I know I did.  The meal I had at Sneaky Pickle the night before Veggie Fest will not soon be forgotten, that's for sure!  And how cool was Veggie Fest itself?!  Great weather, great music, great food, great people.

Well guess what?  June is going to be just as exciting!  The New Orleans Eat Local Challenge is challenging itself (ha ha) to be more vegan-inclusive this year.  I've joined the challenge (yes, at the ultra-lenient level but still).  I hope you do too.  Note that it does cost $25, but you get some nice perks in return.

Also, I hope you can join in on some of these awesome vegan-friendly events - I hope to be at a number of them myself!  All of this info is also collected in a Facebook event called NOiG Joins the Eat Local Challenge!
What a month, eh?!  Will you won't you join me for this awesome intersection of local foods and veganism?  I hope so!

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