Announcing the NOiG 2016 Scavenger Hunt WINNERS!!

Friends, it's the moment you've all been waiting for.  Via random drawing, the winners of the NOiG Scavenger Hunt are:

THIRD PLACE WINNER: "Donutt Monut"!!
Ms. Monut got her entry in on time - just barely! - and did an admirable job searching the city for all the items.  In the process, she discovered our unofficial City Bird, the feral chicken!  She also solved the bonus item riddle.  And discovered some fabulous local vegan art to boot!

SECOND PLACE WINNER: a *tie* between Maggie Dyer and Alan Berg!
These two explored the city together, and from the looks of it had a great time doing so.  I think they'll enjoy sharing some lovely chocolates and exciting cookbooks.

and FIRST PLACE WINNER: Adrienne "Ajax" Johnson!

Adrienne is a pro at vegan scavenger hunting, being a 2014 champion at the sport.  I hope you enjoyed your chocolate Adrienne, and I hope you enjoy your prize pack even more!

Congratulations to all the winners!  And many thanks to everyone who participated.  I hope you all had fun and discovered some new vegan things around town.  Please come see me at my Nola Veggie Fest table to collect your prize!  Or if you can't, holler at me and we'll arrange a drop-off for this week.

Didn't participate and are now full of regret?  Don't worry!  There's always next year.

See y'all at Veggie Fest!

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