Vegan Jazz Fest!

Hi y'all!  Come with me, if you will, on a tour of my Jazz Fest experience today.  TL;DR: it was hot, the music was good, and there's plenty to eat.  :)

* * * * * *

Beginning at approximately 11:30am...

I'm here! And hot! Cooling off in the Gospel Tent with some strawberry lemonade, always my first stop inside the gate!  The Gospel Inspirations of Bouttee are playing, and they're quite fantastic.

~12pm Iced tea is always a good call. The rosemint and mandarin are sweetened with honey, but you can get them unsweetened!  Or regular black sweet.  Also: the grounds are super muddy and gross. If you're coming, be prepared.

Get yer fruit salad!

My feelings about the Indians are so complicated. It's such an incredibly beautiful and fascinating part of New Orleans culture. And it's tied in to my Sicilian heritage. But also all those damn feathers. But also, on many levels, it's not for me. So... complicated.


~12:40pm The Pfister Sisters in the Economy Hall jazz tent where my grandpa used to play Dixieland jazz.  He is why I keep coming back to Jazz Fest.

Sorbetto for youuuuu.  I've still never tried the strawberry balsamic; I really need to!

Can't beat Plum Street.

Oh, the utter joy I felt when I determined that Roman Candy is vegan...

Enjoying some glazed pecans in the shade of the Gentilly Stage tree - can't quite see Bonerama but I can hear em real good! 

The veg combo from Bennachin (jama jama and plantains) looks good, but I'm in it for Gambian Foods tofu...

Spicy tofu with peanut sauce AND veggie pita from Gambian Foods in the Congo Square area.  Delicious!  Light enough but also substantial enough for this mid-day heat.

Maybe a bit warm for Praline Connections greens and beans, though they are delicious... 

But I could see cooling down with some seaweed salad from Ajun Cajun!

...or some Italian Ice from my favorite, Brocato's!

The king cake snoball from AJ's is just a thing that everyone should try one time.

Last meal of the day: Unsweet rosemint tea and tofu bun with peanut sauce. Cold noodles is exactly what I needed!!  Eaten while listening to the one and only John Boutte in the Blues Tent.  And caught Irma Thomas doing "Ruler of my Heart" on the way over!

And that's me done!  5 hours at Jazz Fest is more than I can usually muster so we should all be very proud.  I saw all of these folks: The Gospel Inspirations of Boutte, the High Steppers Brass Band, the Pfister Sisters, Bonerama, Sharr Allen, Irvin Mayfield, Irma Thomas, and John Boutte.  Not a bad day - even if I did miss Lauren Hill.  I ate quite well, and there were so many options I passed up! 

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