The NOiG Scavenger Hunt: A Triumphant Return!

If you've been around the Nola vegan scene for a few years, you may remember that in 2014 this blog hosted a scavenger hunt in conjunction with the Nola Veggie Fest. You may also remember that it was extremely fun and offered great prizes.

Well guess what? We're doing it again! In the week leading up to the 2016 Nola Veggie Fest, NOiG will challenge you to explore your vegan city and have fun doing it!

How to play:
  • Join the Facebook event via New Orleans in Green’s Facebook page.
  • Find examples of as many of the listed items as possible, in the New Orleans metro area, in the week leading up to Veggie Fest (May 1st through 7th).
  • Take a photo. PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! Pictures must be new (not taken before May 1st 2016), and must be yours.
  • Post your pictures in a Facebook album called “NOiG Scavenger Hunt 2016.” (You may also use Instagram or Twitter; albums aren't possible so just use the hashtags.) Tag your pic posts with #VeganNola, #NolaVeggieFest, AND #VeganHunt2016. Pics without all three of these tags will not be considered in your entry!  It's great form to also tag the place where you took the pic.
  • Comment on the event on New Orleans in Green’s Facebook page to let us know when you’ve completed your album or are otherwise ready to enter, and we'll go check it out!
**All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm EST
on Saturday, May 7th, 2016.**

Winners will be announced at Veggie Fest at the NOiG table at 1PM - be there in person if you can!!

Hunt Items: find these items in or around New Orleans!
  1. a vegan donut or beignet
  2. a produce-bearing plant growing somewhere around town (in any stage)
  3. a person wearing a vegan shirt or accessory
  4. a vegan-labeled menu item or section
  5. art created by a vegan artist WITH ATTRIBUTION!!!
  6. locally roasted fair trade coffee
  7. a restaurant or food truck offering vegan tacos or burritos
  8. fair trade chocolate
  9. a vegan ice cream bar or sandwich
  10. locally made vegan bread or pasta
  11. a locally themed or authored vegan cookbook
  12. fair trade flowers
  13. a restaurant offering vegan pho
  14. vegan cheese of any kind
  15. a feral chicken
***EXTRA BONUS ITEM!  You'll have to solve a bit of a riddle for this one, but it can replace any TWO of the above to make your entry complete: Find a cow that you can sit on without defying your vegan ethics.  Where could it be?
How to win: The three most complete entries (or, if multiple folks have equally complete entries, via random drawing) win prizes!
 ***Third Prize: a NOiG 2016-2017 Vegan-Friendly Restaurant Guide and t-shirt!
**Second Prize: a collection of vegan cookbooks and a sampling of vegan chocolates!
*First Prize: NOiG Vegan Prize Pack Bonanza! This includes gift certificates to area restaurants, a bottle of vegan wine, and more!
We're also hosting events every day during Scavenger Hunt Week - check out NOiG's event listings on Facebook to see them all, and look for a blog post about it all tomorrow.  Please join us if you can!

Start planning your hunt - identifying where the items can be found, planning your route, figuring out what mini-events you can join us for, and so forth. But remember, no pics till May 1st. Good luck!  We can't wait to see what you find!

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