Updated Vegan-Friendly Restaurant Guide Update. Updated and Up to Date.

Hi!  Here's an exciting new development about the updated NOiG Vegan Friendly Restaurant Guide.  I've decided to offer a digital copy for just two bucks!  Yes, a mere $2.  If you pre-order, you'll receive a beautiful, word-searchable, internet-friendly PDF version of the guide the very day that it's finalized - no waiting until the book gets back from the printer!  Also, this digital glory will be included at any higher level of pre-order.

In case you haven't checked into it yet, ordering levels are as follows:
  • $2 (yes, just two bucks!) gets you an Internet-friendly pdf of the guide the second it's finalized - before the paper guide even comes back from the printer!
  • $5 gets you the pdf guide the minute it's final, AND a paper guide mailed anywhere in the continental US hot off the presses (by mid-May). This offer is only good for pre-ordering - once the paper guide is printed the PDF will be an additional $2, so jump on this!
  • $20 gets you the digital guide, the paper guide, AND a hand-printed NOiG t-shirt.
  • $50 or more gets you the digital guide, the paper guide, the shirt, AND YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS ok not in lights but on a special sponsor thank-you page... and maybe some other stuff!
So... get yer guide!  Be at the head of the class!  And most importantly, EAT ALL THE VEGAN FOOD!  Don't delay, pre-order today?  Wow am I not a salesperson.  Good thing you already want it!

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