Updates and Announcements and Excitement, oh my!

Hi y'all!  I bring you exciting updates about various and sundry springtime things.  Huzzah!
  1. The Guide v. 2.0 is almost ready to be sent to the printers!  The inimitable editor of Vegan New Orleans is currently helping me proofread.  Once that's done and edits are made, it's off to the printers!  Likely next week!  How exciting.  This means that if you want to pre-order a paper copy and get a free searchable PDF along with it, you'd better do it soon!  Once it goes to the printers you can still get everything but the PDF will cost you two bucks.

  2. At least as exciting: Vegan Drinks New Orleans Spring 2016: Veganniversary Extravaganza is happening TOMORROW NIGHT at Lost Love Lounge!  You really want to be there.  We're talking high fives, cupcakes, party straws, whipped cream, and food specials that could include Char Sui Tofu and Mushroom Banh Mi, Sweet and Sour Tofu Spare Ribs, and/or Spicy Eggplant Tofu on Young Coconut Rice!  For real, to miss this would be absurd.

  3. It's official: NOiG will be partnering with Vegan New Orleans and various other local experts for a special information table at Nola Veggie Fest!  Called "I'm Vegan in New Orleans - Ask Me How!", during this event you'll be able to come to the table personally OR hop into a twitter chat, and ask everything you've ever wanted to know about being vegan in New Orleans (but were afraid to ask). Check out the facebook event!

  4. And finally: NOiG will be hosting another vegan scavenger hunt in the week leading up to Veggie Fest!  Keep an eye on this blog and the Facebook page for details.

What a great spring, eh?  See you all soon!


  1. Hi I wonder if you know about Angeline's main tofu entre.

    1. Ooh, I did not know about this! Sounds divine. I'll have to add it to the map. Thanks!


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