Special Announcement: The Guide is now Available in PDF form!

That's right, today is the big day: The updated NOiG Vegan-Friendly Restaurant Guide is complete and has been sent to the printers, and is now available in PDF!  You can get it through NOiG's brand new Etsy shop.  The digital guide is an instant download!  How exciting.

Until paper guides are available (should be by late April), you'll still receive a free digital copy when you order a paper guide.  It's a sort of consolation prize for having to wait.  :)  You can also just get the digital copy and be happy with instant gratification!  Ain't the modern world grand?


Updates and Announcements and Excitement, oh my!

Hi y'all!  I bring you exciting updates about various and sundry springtime things.  Huzzah!
  1. The Guide v. 2.0 is almost ready to be sent to the printers!  The inimitable editor of Vegan New Orleans is currently helping me proofread.  Once that's done and edits are made, it's off to the printers!  Likely next week!  How exciting.  This means that if you want to pre-order a paper copy and get a free searchable PDF along with it, you'd better do it soon!  Once it goes to the printers you can still get everything but the PDF will cost you two bucks.

  2. At least as exciting: Vegan Drinks New Orleans Spring 2016: Veganniversary Extravaganza is happening TOMORROW NIGHT at Lost Love Lounge!  You really want to be there.  We're talking high fives, cupcakes, party straws, whipped cream, and food specials that could include Char Sui Tofu and Mushroom Banh Mi, Sweet and Sour Tofu Spare Ribs, and/or Spicy Eggplant Tofu on Young Coconut Rice!  For real, to miss this would be absurd.

  3. It's official: NOiG will be partnering with Vegan New Orleans and various other local experts for a special information table at Nola Veggie Fest!  Called "I'm Vegan in New Orleans - Ask Me How!", during this event you'll be able to come to the table personally OR hop into a twitter chat, and ask everything you've ever wanted to know about being vegan in New Orleans (but were afraid to ask). Check out the facebook event!

  4. And finally: NOiG will be hosting another vegan scavenger hunt in the week leading up to Veggie Fest!  Keep an eye on this blog and the Facebook page for details.

What a great spring, eh?  See you all soon!


NCJW Brings Food Justice to Life

Yesterday evening, Liberty's Kitchen within the ReFresh Project played host to the latest in a series of lectures orchestrated by the National Council of Jewish Women New Orleans chapter. The talks, entitled Moving the Ball Forward, explore varying social justice concerns.

Last night's gathering, "Addressing Nutrition, Health, and Equity in New Orleans," generated discussion on my favorite subject: food justice!  The event featured a panel of four experts in varying arenas of food and nutrition:
Each panelist responded to a series of questions with their own unique vantage points on the questions at hand.  I live-tweeted the event, and share those tweets with you now.  Enjoy!
Todd states that we must look at all social determinants of health and their connection to .

 . Partridge sees their work as bringing food access and therefore to underserved communities.

We must challenge the system that creates disparities in - Krupa of  

"They're so excited about vegetables. We have kids ask for double helpings... because they grew it." Partridge of  
was cut across the board a few years back; it used to be bipartisan and is now political. We must debunk the myths.

We need a one-pager on why cutting is bad for all. Personal stories may or may not be best - $ talks.

For every $5 spent on fresh produce at with , you get a matching voucher. Amazing!  

Question: are people having trouble getting because applications are online only? is helping.  

Panelists agree: it's so important that we all talk about and educate others about and access issues.  

Challenge in : in the midst of laudable progress, many PEOPLE have fallen by the wayside.  

Boudreaux: we must look at ourselves from within, not from the outside. Are we taking care of our own?  

"It's expensive to be poor" - Krupa of .  

Without job growth people will never break free from the poverty cycle in . There must be jobs for all. -Todd  

Partridge: with each neighborhood improvement, fear of rising prices grows (and comes, and pushes out).  

The "vibrant culinary scene" in is geared toward a certain population - good "ethnic" food is in the suburbs. -Krupa  

Changing gas prices, climate changes are causing higher prices. Bell peppers can't be 20 cents anymore. -Boudreaux  

I would love to pay my people a but I can't afford to due to high food costs. -Boudreaux,  

Kids who have no breakfast at all are more likely to be obese than kids who eat at home AND at school. -Todd,  

. Nola is currently running a Passover food drive - there's a box at Refresh, 300 Broad.  

Partridge: it feels like we work in pockets but our work is connected. Let's work more together.  

Boudreaux: it's great for us to have these conversations, but we need to talk to the stakeholders too.  
It was a good conversation, and I particularly appreciate that Boudreaux brought it back to the stakeholders in the end.  All too often, those with the best of intentions forget to ask what kind of help people actually want and need.  I hope to have a guest blog post from her soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

It is additionally worth noting that the food for the evening, catered by Liberty's Kitchen, was entirely vegan and delicious.  Their grilled vegetable platter is positively fantastic.  Keep them in mind for your next event! 


Updated Vegan-Friendly Restaurant Guide Update. Updated and Up to Date.

Hi!  Here's an exciting new development about the updated NOiG Vegan Friendly Restaurant Guide.  I've decided to offer a digital copy for just two bucks!  Yes, a mere $2.  If you pre-order, you'll receive a beautiful, word-searchable, internet-friendly PDF version of the guide the very day that it's finalized - no waiting until the book gets back from the printer!  Also, this digital glory will be included at any higher level of pre-order.

In case you haven't checked into it yet, ordering levels are as follows:
  • $2 (yes, just two bucks!) gets you an Internet-friendly pdf of the guide the second it's finalized - before the paper guide even comes back from the printer!
  • $5 gets you the pdf guide the minute it's final, AND a paper guide mailed anywhere in the continental US hot off the presses (by mid-May). This offer is only good for pre-ordering - once the paper guide is printed the PDF will be an additional $2, so jump on this!
  • $20 gets you the digital guide, the paper guide, AND a hand-printed NOiG t-shirt.
  • $50 or more gets you the digital guide, the paper guide, the shirt, AND YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS ok not in lights but on a special sponsor thank-you page... and maybe some other stuff!
So... get yer guide!  Be at the head of the class!  And most importantly, EAT ALL THE VEGAN FOOD!  Don't delay, pre-order today?  Wow am I not a salesperson.  Good thing you already want it!


You can now Pre-Order an Updated Vegan-Friendly Restaurant Guide!

Hi friends!  Hey, do you remember back not quite two years ago when I published a guide to vegan-friendly restaurants in New Orleans?  People were pretty excited about it.  Heck, I was pretty proud of it myself.

Well, in the restaurant world two years may as well be a century.  So while that original guide is still somewhat useful, it is also in desperate want of some updating.  I have been hemming and hawing about how to find the time, brainspace, and money to make an updated version happen.  And you know what happens when I think about something for too long?  Yeah you do.  Lo and behold, in the wee hours of the morning and with substantial support from some awesome friends, this happened:
I designed a cover!

Anticlimactic, no?  I mean, I think it's a good cover, but it wants to be so much more.

So... would you like to see this become more than just a cover - become, in fact, a whole new guide?  I would too!  And to do that, I need your help.  So, yes, I have set up a gofundme.  I'm not just asking you for cash though.  You'll be pre-ordering The Guide!  For just $5, you will have a brand spankin' new guide mailed to you (anywhere in the continental US).  There are some perks of donating more just for funsies, and you can also pre-order multiple copies.

I hope you can help me make this happen!  I truly believe The Guide is an invaluable resource for New Orleans, both for locals and for visitors.  Thanks for your ongoing support, which as you know makes all of my endeavors possible.  <3


Come to a Tenth Veganniversary Extravaganza!

Yep, it's been ten years since that fateful evening when I was hit with a vegan lightning bolt on the way to the grocery store.  So I'm having a party!  And you're all invited!

  • When: Saturday, March 26th from 7 to 10pm
  • Where: Lost Love Lounge at the corner of Franklin and Dauphine
  • What: A really good time with vegan cocktails and food, cupcakes, high fives, and awesome people - hopefully including you!
  • RSVP: on facebook with this link right here - or just show up!  Either way works just fine.

See you there!