Let's Improve The Map!

Hey y'all! I just spent a couple hours updating The Map of Vegan Options that I maintain, adding some places and making things consistent. It would be so super awesome if y'all could take a look at it and let me know what you think is missing!

Please note: I don't include chains unless it's in an area that doesn't have much available, and I don't include places where you can't order anything as it's presented on the menu (...except for Reginelli's, which for some reason I've decided to grandfather in because I loved it in my pregan days). I also don't include anywhere that only has, like, a plain salad or french fries or something.

Thank you as always for your input - this resource wouldn't be nearly as awesome if y'all didn't help me find all the vegan secrets in town! <3 <3 <3

Click on this pic or on the link above to view the map!


Happy New Year! Now let's get anti-racist and intersectional.

I work on Lee Circle.  All day long, I look at Robert E. Lee's butt.
Hi everyone!  I trust you survived "the holidays" alright?  Gearing up for Mardi Gras?  Excited about getting back outside after that 1.5 weeks of winter we just had?
Well, I have a proposition for you.
You - yes YOU - are invited! Join New Orleans in Green in attending the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day march being hosted by the City of New Orleans, in support of Take 'Em Down NOLA. You're also invited to further educate yourself about anti-racist efforts in New Orleans... and everywhere! YOU CAN PARTICIPATE FROM ANYWHERE in the educational portion of this event! 

It's important and easy - I created a Facebook event and everything!  Also, clearly you have to be in Nola to attend the march, but you can get educated from anywhere with internet!  Hooray!

As you may know, TEDN has been a major community voice in New Orleans' recent efforts to remove confederate monuments around the city. These monuments are symbols of white supremacy and should not be displayed on public land. It is crucial that, as anti-oppression activists, we educate ourselves about and support this ongoing civil rights struggle.  To get you started, this Amicus brief authored by a number of civil rights lawyers in New Orleans and filed on behalf of TEDN outlines the racist, white supremacist roots of the monuments in question.  Check out the Facebook event (or ask questions in the comments of this blog post) for more resources on this issue, and on other issues related to civil rights and anti-racist work in New Orleans.

* * * * * *
Please note: attending the TEDN march on Monday is ***NOT*** an opportunity to co-opt or talk over the march organizers' message with our own agendas of veganism, animal rights, food equity, et cetera. We are definitely not attending to tell other area activists why they should be vegan or support animal rights efforts (unless they ask about it - and even then, keep it brief with an offer to follow up later). We are joining this march to honor and learn about the anti-racist work of MLK and those who follow in his footsteps, and to support TEDN's efforts to fight white supremacy in New Orleans, by showing up and taking part. So, show up! Take part!
Whether or not you can attend the march, please accept the invitation to use this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to further your civil rights education.  An intersectional framework for our vegan and AR work is crucial.

* * * * * *
Also note: this event is a response to VINE Sanctuary's MLK Day Vegan Challenge. Their tl/dr on the matter: "VINE Sanctuary challenges vegans to spend MLK Day educating themselves about past and ongoing anti-racist struggles, and we challenge vegan and animal liberation organizations to encourage their own followers to do the same." 

Want to learn more about the civil rights struggles of the past 50+ years? The ongoing anti-racists movements?  Intersectionality?  I'll be posting resources and other opportunities to listen and learn on MLK day on the Facebook event listed above.  And/or find your own and share them in the comments so everyone can benefit!

Many thanks to all who will participate in any way! Now go get educated. <3 <3 <3