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Food Issues Book Club - The Ethics of What We Eat, Chapter 15

Hello all!  Welcome to the NOiG Food Issues Book Club, wherein I read books about food stuff, summarize each book by chapter, and then attempt to apply that book chapter's ideas to the New Orleans food environment and my own experiences.  Fun right?!  Check out previous installations here.  I'd love it if you'd read along and join in!  And now, without further ado...

The Ethics of What We Eat, Chapter 15:
Is It Unthical to Raise Children Vegan?

Hello Peter and Jim!  In this fifteenth chapter of The Ethics of What We Eat, you pose a simple yet frequently asked question: Is it Unethical to Raise Children Vegan?  Long before I began reading your book I had surmised the answer that y'all reach.  No, it is not unethical.  Or to phrase it without the double negative, YES, IT IS ETHICAL TO RAISE CHILDREN VEGAN!

It may take some planning and paying attention, but then, kids' diets always should.  Medical professionals have repeatedly stated that a vegan diet, when approached properly, is a perfectly healthy way to raise children.  The only caveat here is that, as with adults, some people with special dietary needs may not thrive on a vegan diet.  But of course we're talking about a population-level concept here with these kinds of assertions, and population-level truths should never be applied to individuals.  ;)

Honestly, I don't think we need to say any more on the matter. Take care and see you soon.


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