Food Issues Book Club: August!

Hello all!  Welcome to the NOiG Food Issues Book Club, wherein I read books about food stuff, summarize each book by chapter, and then attempt to apply that book chapter's ideas to the New Orleans food environment and/or my own experiences.  Fun right?!  Check out previous installations here.  I'd love it if you'd read along and join in!  And now, without further ado...

So, what'd y'all think of Wendell Berry and his essays on farming?  I found them interesting, at least.  As I will no doubt find this month's book, The Ethics of What We Eat by Peter Singer and Jim Mason.  I've never read Singer beyond a random passage or article here and there, so this is bound to be a fascinating experience.  I am prepared to frequently agree with him - and to frequently disagree with him.  And to occasionally exclaim in outrage at him.  Good times!  As for Mason, I don't know what to expect, except that he writes books with Singer, so... yeah.

Given that this is a work of philosophy rather than an exploration of fact, I expect to approach my writings on this book in the format of a series of letters to the authors, rather than to follow my summary / thoughts layout.  But we'll see.  Different chapters may lend themselves to different formats.  Let's have fun with it shall we?  After all, what could be more fun than a philosophical discussion about the ethics of food!  Certainly not a barrel of monkeys.  Putting monkeys in a barrel would be decidedly unethical.  (Even though I haven't read their book yet, I'm sure Pete and Jim would agree.)

So let's get to it!  Check back tomorrow for the first blog post.  And if you JUST CAN'T WAIT, you can watch this lecture Singer gave on the topic in 2009.  See you soon!

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