Updates including vegan stuff from Puerto Rico!

Hi all!  I've gone from 60mph to zero on the blog here, and I have guilt.  There are reasons that you probably already know about if we're IRL friends.  Otherwise you likely don't want to be bored with the details.

What I hope you won't be bored with is visions of the things I got to eat in Puerto Rico!  I didn't have too much of a chance to eat, but what I did try was pretty fantastic.  As follows:

To begin with: the ultimate beverage.  Fresh coconuts, called coco frio, are available at little stands everywhere.  Roadsides, beaches, festivals - wherever people congregate or pass by regularly.  Hack off the top, stick in a straw.  Delightful!

Lunch at La Familia, the only vegan restaurant on the whole island of PR (I think)!  Malta (the most popular soda), tofu veggie mix, mashed potato casserole, oatmeal cookies, and pigeon peas.  Healthy and delicious!

A quick breakfast on my last day: puff pastry with guayaba (guava) and guanåbana (soursop) juice.  Not sour!  Quite sweet and a little bit citrusey.  I want to try a fresh one - thinking they may have them at Hong Kong Market!

Puerto Rico is very much like the mainland states in many aspects, and food is no exception.  The island sadly proliferates with fast food joints.  But!  I was also able to find vegan products in a normal grocery store in a small town.  You really can be vegan anywhere!

Not pictured:
  • mofongo: a traditional dish found EVERYWHERE, usually made with seafood or chicken, but made with veggies if you ask real nice at the right places (or happen to be friends with the daughter of the restaurant manager!). 
  • grilled plantains (plåtanos) on a stick, slathered in ground fresh garlic at the beach
  • incredible produce stands everywhere
  • mango trees dropping fruit like rain everywhere you turn
Next time I go to PR (and there WILL be a "next time"), I will *not* get strep throat and I *will* eat all the things - and take pictures of them!

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