The results are in!  From the numerous excellent answers received to the question "a) What do you think is the most effective way to advocate for animals?  and b) How do you think that Morrissey is (or is not) advocating effectively for animals and veganism?", the randomly selected winner is...


Congratulations treeninja: you and a friend are going to Morrissey at The Saenger Theater on Thursday, June 11 2015!  While the winner was not chosen based on quality of answer, treeninja's answer is an great one that I want to share with you now.  And I quote:
a) The best way to advocate for animals is to take actions that will eventually lead to legal changes that protect animals. I have argued with many people in the past, stating my case about how pitiful animal welfare is today, and it's incredibly frustrating to hear people say things like, "Well if it's legal to buy, then it really can't be all that bad." Keep in mind, these are people who will also adamantly refuse to see a short video of where their meat, leather, and animal-tested products come from. I find myself reminding these folks that only 50 years ago, it was also very legal to tell blacks in America that they could not drink from the same water fountains as whites or ride in the same section of the bus. {Meaning, just because it's legal that doesn't make it right.}
Sadly, most people still don't get it, and can't make the connection in their brain. They refuse to accept that animals ought to be treated with similar or the same decency that we are legally required to treat fellow humans. Just because something is currently legal does not make it right, but many people can't wrap their mind around that concept, so I think we really need laws in place that will require all people to have to take the treatment of animals more seriously. Without strict laws, we unfortunately can't count on people or businesses to "do the right thing." In any population, there will always be a large number of individuals that would be willing to do something unethical if it brings themselves pleasure or wealth. That's one of the terrible and most basic flaws of the human race. Even if it’s completely evident to them that it’s wrong, they’ll still go and do it anyway with no qualms!
So laws are what we need so that we can put an end to so much of the misery and suffering that our human race inflicts upon the rest of the beings we share this planet with. All of the “ag-gag” legislation going on state by state over the last few years makes this even more evident. I hope that some day in the future, people will look back on the time we are living in today and view our current injustices towards animals in the same light as how we currently view slavery or the holocaust. Wrong is wrong, even if it isn't illegal (yet). We can and we must do better!

b) Morrissey is advocating effectively for animals because he is very outspoken and public about his views on the matter. I know there are many celebrities and people in the public eye that share Morrissey's views but keep it private, maybe to avoid the possibility of it damaging their career or reputation. Morrissey has the courage and boldness to do what so many others don't-- to use his fame and art as a voice for the voiceless!
Excellent points, treeninja!

Thanks again to all of the wonderful entrants, and to The Saenger Theatre for sponsoring this giveaway!  Don't forget to stop by the PETA table where great folks will be ready and waiting to talk to you about advocacy in action.


  1. Congratulations, treeninja! Great response. Enjoy the concert. :-)

  2. Thank you so much Mark. And thank you too, Melissa!


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