SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Morrissey Ticket Giveaway!

You heard right, friends.  New Orleans in Green is giving away TWO TICKETS to see the one and only MORRISSEY!

(You know, the guy from a little band called The Smiths. Yeah, that one.) 

The show is right here in New Orleans at the recently renovated and stunningly gorgeous Saenger Theatre on June 11, 2015.  ARE YOU EXCITED YET?!  Good!  So get to it!

How to enter: leave a comment on this blog post answering this two-part question: a) What do you think is the most effective way to advocate for animals?  and b) How do you think that Morrissey is (or is not) advocating effectively for animals and veganism?

The contest begins RIGHT NOW, and entries will be accepted until 11:59pm (CST) on Saturday, June 6th.  So don't delay!  A winner will be announced here on the blog on Sunday, June 7th!

PLEASE NOTE: Some folks are having trouble leaving a comment.  I make the following suggestions: 1) in the "comment as" menu, choose anonymous.  2) copy your response before you post.  3) if your post doesn't publish, please paste it in a Facebook message or email to me.  Rest assured that anyone who lets me know they've tried to post will be entered (honor system y'all!).  Apologies for the difficulties!

 The nitty gritty:
  • Your answer can be as short as one sentence or as long as you'd like; as long as it answers the questions posed, you'll be entered to win.
  • You can't win if I can't contact you! Please make sure to put some identifying name in your comment, and that I have at least an email address from you.  You can email me at bastian613 at gmail dot com if you'd prefer not to leave info in the comments (understandable!) or message NOiG on Facebook.  (To be clear, your answer must be left in a comment on this blog post to enter the contest; you'd only be sending your contact information elsewhere.)
  • A winner will be chosen at random from among all qualifying entries; the content of your answer to the question does not affect eligibility.
  • The winner, once chosen on Sunday June 7, will have 12 hours to respond.  If no response has been received by that time, another winner will be chosen.  
  • Tickets for the winning entrant will be retrieved at will-call on the day of the performance (June 11, 2015) - you must be willing to provide me with your legal name (as reflected on an ID) to provide to the Saenger so that you can collect your tickets.
  • This should go without saying: be respectful please and thank you.
  • Obviously there is no purchase necessary.
  • Many thanks to the Saenger Theatre for sponsoring this giveaway!
Best of luck!


  1. SAMPLE COMMENT (no, I'll not be entering my own contest): I think making vegan cupcakes is the best way to advocate for animals; I hear Morrissey makes a mean vegan cupcake so he is doing a great job. :D

    1. The always persuasive Melissa "Vegan Cupcake" Bastian.

  2. The most effective way to advocate for animals is leafleting, especially a receptive demographic like young people. Colleges are an ideal venue. It's all about getting education into people's hands and having the ability to personally interact with them. (This is opposed to the most effective way to *help* animals; *that's* to go vegan. ;-)

    I think Morrissey is doing an effective job of advocacy because he uses his star-power on multiple continents in a way that transcends mere rhetoric. He backs up simply living the lifestyle with action. Not only is he vegan himself, but he has loaned his music to PETA videos, written powerful and direct open letters to public figures in support of the cause, and required concert venues to limit their food offerings to cruelty-free options when he performs. I'm not sure there's another (once vegetarian, now) vegan public figure with such a high profile who's done so much, so well, and for so long, to raise consciousness.

    1. Excellent, articulate, and thoughtful response Mark! Thanks!

  3. Exciting!
    I think you're right on, Melissa, with the vegan cupcakes! I've always thought that showing people that there's no lack of delicious food when you give up animal products. There's a huge array of deliciousness out there that's happily vegan.
    I think it's pretty awesome that Morrissey refuses to play at venues unless they go vegan for the event, it's pretty great to know that you can go somewhere like a concert venue and actually have food options!

  4. I think that the best way to advocate for animals is quite simple, & that is to go out there to these protest where ever one can go to & speak up! Spread info to people & get involved!! Morrissey does an excellent & effective job because he is a famous & iconic figure & he is a spokes man for PETA & all things animal rights. He takes that advantage of being a well- known artist & shares, spreads info out to people. One of the best ways is how he has the venues where he will do his shows to go vegetarian. He is one of the most loyal, devoted & caring public figure towards animal welfare & for that he deserves a big recognition!

  5. a) The best way to advocate for animals is to take actions that will eventually lead to legal changes that protect animals. I have argued with many people in the past, stating my case about how pitiful animal welfare is today, and it's incredibly frustrating to hear people say things like, "Well if it's legal to buy, then it really can't be all that bad." Keep in mind, these are people who will also adamantly refuse to see a short video of where their meat, leather, and animal-tested products come from. I find myself reminding these folks that only 50 years ago, it was also very legal to tell blacks in America that they could not drink from the same water fountains as whites or ride in the same section of the bus. Sadly, most people still don't get it, and can't make the connection in their brain. They refuse to accept that animals ought to be treated with similar or the same decency that we are legally required to treat fellow humans. Just because something is currently legal does not make it right, but many people can't wrap their mind around that concept, so I think we really need laws in place that will require all people to have to take the treatment of animals more seriously. Without strict laws, we unfortunately can't count on people or businesses to "do the right thing." In any population, there will always be a large number of individuals that would be willing to do something unethical if it brings themselves pleasure or wealth. That's one of the terrible and most basic flaws of the human race. Even if it’s completely evident to them that it’s wrong, they’ll still go and do it anyway with no qualms! So laws are what we need so that we can put an end to so much of the misery and suffering that our human race inflicts upon the rest of the beings we share this planet with. All of the “ag-gag” legislation going on state by state over the last few years makes this even more evident. I hope that some day in the future, people will look back on the time we are living in today and view our current injustices towards animals in the same light as how we currently view slavery or the holocaust. Wrong is wrong, even if it isn't illegal (yet). We can and we must do better!

    b) Morrissey is advocating effectively for animals because he is very outspoken and public about his views on the matter. I know there are many celebrities and people in the public eye that share Morrissey's views but keep it private, maybe to avoid the possibility of it damaging their career or reputation. Morrissey has the courage and boldness to do what so many others don't-- to use his fame and art as a voice for the voiceless!

  6. Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful answers so far y'all!

  7. To me, the most effective way to spread the vegan message is to do it online! Whether it's YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, personal blogs, community forums, etc., you have the power to reach so many people, far more than you would in person! Just remember to raise awareness by educating people and being a shining, positive example of the vegan community :) Everyone is on a different journey and it's not our job to scorn or judge people harshly. It IS our job to spread awareness of animal cruelty and to promote veganism, and that is SO easy to do online these days and oh so important!

    Morrissey is doing great things for the vegan movement! He has a ton of fans and people that know who he is and know what he's about, and that right there is enough to have people ponder and consider veganism. I think all celebrities have a responsibility of using their status as a means to promote a message that is so incredibly important, and I think Morrissey does a great job of that :) I hope to see him at the concert!

    1. Also my e-mail address is ckirby921@gmail.com :)

  8. I think the best way to be an advocate for animals is to live a consistently vegan lifestyle and not be quiet about it! Morrissey is a vocal vegan and is a great advocate! Yay!


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