Food Issues Book Club: May!

Hello all!  Welcome to the NOiG Food Issues Book Club, wherein I read books about food stuff, summarize each book by chapter, and then attempt to apply that book chapter's ideas to the New Orleans food environment and/or my own experiences.  Fun right?!  Check out previous installations here.  I'd love it if you'd read along and join in!  And now, without further ado...

New month, new book!  I've been meaning to read Stuffed and Starved by Raj Patel for years.  So many years, in fact, that this is a "revised and expanded" edition!  Updated in 2012, this book on "the hidden battle for the world food system" is bound to be an edifying read.

I personally am guilty of being hyperfocused on what's happening in the US, and actively scoffing at looking at how the food industry is developing elsewhere - which is of course ridiculous because all of the major players shaping the industry are international corporations.  I'm looking forward to the new insights that a global lens will undoubtedly bring.

Are you reading it now?  Have you read it before?  Do you just want to comment on what I write about it here?  PLEASE DO!!

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