Mardi Gras Weekend: Vegan King Cake Showdown

Hello all!  I hope you're enjoying the Mardi Gras season.  Yesterday was Endymion - it's my biggest parading day because it runs three blocks from my house!  To treat my guests properly, I of course procured several vegan king cakes.  Here's what it looked like:

They are, clockwise from the top: Chocolate Coconut "Zulu" cake from Hillel's Kitchen (blue and white); Classic Cinnamon from Breads on Oak (far right); Chocolate "Babka" King David cake from Hillel's Kitchen (middle with classic colors); and gluten free spiced rum from Girls Gone Vegan (far left).

But... how did they taste?  Well I'll tell you.
  • Zulu: nice and chocolatey with coconut adding some texture; a tad dry (perhaps because it was delivered rather than picked up fresh?) but rectified by microwaving briefly.
  • Breads on Oak: a little slice of moist, classic heaven, as always.
  • Babka: mostly the same as Zulu, minus the coconut.
  • Girls Gone Vegan: as good as it looked, I did not like it.  However, several of my friends liked it best!  The icing had a nice rum flavor.  If there was a filling, it was not discernible in most of the cake.  Overall, it's a bit more like banana bread than a traditional king cake.
I missed two available vegan king cakes (beside the Whole Foods version, which I've determined just isn't worth it): Shake Sugary and The Peacebaker.  Maybe next year I can manage to try them all! 

It's not too late for vegan king cake exploits: you can visit Hillel's Kitchen tomorrow between 10am and 7pm!  Which vegan king cakes did you have this year?  Which was your favorite?

BONUS PIC: Me in my Valentine's-themed Endymion costume!

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