Happy 2015!

Hello, and welcome to a new year on New Orleans in Green!  I hope y'all enjoyed last year's 365 Days of New Orleans Vegan Treats - I certainly did.  If all of those delicious pictures can't convince folks that Nola has plenty of great vegan food to offer, I don't know what could.

Which is to say that for the past two years, this blog has had one very specific mission: to show people that it is both possible and pleasurable to live a vegan lifestyle in New Orleans.  Through my own efforts as well as those of some truly incredible community partners such as the Nola Veg Fest, the Vegan New Orleans Facebook page, and dozens of restaurant owners, I believe that that mission has been accomplished.  Resources now abound on the subject, and anyone who takes the time to look will find our plethora of options.

And so, the time has come for me to take a different direction!  All kinds of things are on the slate for 2015.  Never fear; I'll still keep you up to date on all of Nola's vegan goings-on.  But I'll also be expanding the topics a bit, because for me veganism is part of a larger conscious consumerism.  I feel it's time to delve more deeply into issues like fair trade, environmental impacts, and labor practices of our food industry.  I probably won't blog *quite* as often, but you'll still see me on the regular.  New Orleans will remain my focus, because after all that's why we're here.

And so, because satsumas are my favorite winter tradition, we'll begin this year as we began the last: with one, perfect fruit from a backyard in Waggaman.  Don't forget to eat some cabbage today for good luck!  I'm excited for the year to come, and I hope you are too.

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