URGENT: Central City Edible Gardens needs your help!

UPDATE.  My support of this project was likely a mistake.  I'm fairly sad that I gave them money.  Ah well... it was a beautiful dream.

* * *

Hello friends!  It's very rare that I share any crowd funding or other fundraising campaigns here, but this one is too good not to promote.  Just this Tuesday I was bemoaning the lack of a local food hub in New Orleans, and yet one was being built under my nose!  A project of the locally owned Jack & Jake's in partnership with the New Orleans Food and Farm Network and others, The Central City Edible Gardens is endeavoring to create just such a hub.  It's in the neighborhood where my dad grew up, just a few blocks from my workplace.  What's it all about?
Jack & Jake's has partnered with the New Orleans Food and Farm Network and community urban growers to develop the surrounding new Public Market property with edible landscaping and a greenhouse to produce fresh healthy foods.  Edible community gardens and greenhouse space will support educational opportunities, training, and a local food source available to schools, hospitals, and other important community organizations. In addition to greenhouse vegetables, the greenhouse will also support commercial fish holding facilities that will  make whole live fish available  at the market.
The group shares the dream of myself and many others to provide fresh, AFFORDABLE food to everyone in New Orleans, while supporting locally grown food and empowering people to grow their own.  The Indegogo campaign is far behind its goal with only a few days to go, but it's important to note that they'll receive whatever money is collected.  Come on y'all - this is at least as important as an exploding kittens game, isn't it?

I'm so excited to support this effort, and hope to be involved in other ways as well.  Ideally this project would not involve aquaculture, but at this phase in the city's development we cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  I look forward to watching this project develop and see how it benefits the community and the city at large.  I hope you'll all consider making a contribution if you're able!


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