365 Project Day 362: Carmo's Holiday Extravaganza

The following are photos of the vegan options from Carmo's Third Annual Jewish Christmas Eve Dinner, inspired by the cuisine of Beijing.  Amazing!  Definitely get over there next year if you haven't tried it yet.  (Not pictured: pea flour cake and salty peanut taffy for dessert.)
Clockwise from top left: Tomato "egg" soup (subbed with silken tofu), kumquat cocktail, smashed cucumber salad, and scallion pancakes and veggie dumplings with dipping sauce
The main course: hand pulled noodles with "pork" in bean sauce



365 Project Day 343: A fruitcake you actually want to eat.

These aren't quite the same as the real panettone you used to eat around Christmastime, but the flavors are close enough to trigger your nostalgia.  Found at the Broad Street Whole Foods.


365 Project Day 339: Rocket to the Fruit

If you're missing summertime (or just need to cool off - this December is balmy!) check out the Rocket Pop sorbet flavor at Yougurtland on Prytania.


365 Project Day 338: 1000 Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels sprouts at 1000 Figs, a new Mediterranean restaurant in Esplanade Ridge opened by the owners of the Fat Falafel food truck!