365 Project Day 276: Baton Rouge Bound, Part 3

Today we take a final look at the day I spent scouting out vegan treats in Baton Rouge.  I wasn't able to perform an exhaustive study of all of BR's grocery shopping options, which are in fact extensive and include a much-coveted Trader Joe's.  However, I did spend some time at Alexander's Highland Market, an establishment I first learned about at January's Vegan Village at the Louisiana Marathon.  While they didn't have every single thing I would have hoped for, I do think that folks shopping here can keep a pretty great vegan pantry for home food prep.  Some of my favorite items:

The Orange Juicer - it's my new favorite thing in life

Some house-made lentil soup with clearly posted ingredients

One lonely can of soy whip

Vegan pizza options including Tofurky and Amy's (Signs like this are all over the store - really makes a vegan feel welcome!

Why yes, tofu is my go-to.

Making pesto is quite easy... but this stuff is even easier!  Bonus: quite tasty as well.

I've never seen Oogave in a store before, only on tap at Seed!

Anybody know what the story is on Frostie?  Is it Baton Rouge's answer to Big Shot?

They've got ice cream!

And more ice cream!

And MORE ice cream!

And blood orange sorbet!

And, confusingly, snoballs in a container.  Fascinating at least.

I also stopped by the Fresh Pickin's Produce Market on Coursey. There wasn't much in the way of local produce there, but I did find these:

Fresh persimmons

Local rice

Seasonal mirlitons

And that's that! I only spent one day in Baton Rouge; obviously there is much yet for me to discover. Please feel free to comment, email, or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter if you know of other great places to find vegan eats in Baton Rouge!

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