365 Project Day 277: Lantern Lovely

Yesterday evening, I attended a dinner at one of New Orleans' newest pop-ups, The Pepper Lantern Backyard Cafe Speakeasy.  Having held three vegetarian dinners with friends and curious acquaintances in recent months, Friday's dinner marked the spot's first effort at an all-vegan menu - at which they succeeded splendidly.

The event's home, affectionately known as The Looking Glass, is tucked inconspicuously in an untamed lower Seventh Ward backyard strung with Christmas lights and dotted with dripping candles.  The dining area is pleasantly haphazard, a collection of secondhand chairs and tables alongside the odd milk crate.  Last night a charming band and vintage movie projection rounded out the bohemian ambiance.

The menu had a clear seasonal theme and provided variety while remaining simple. 

The full menu

Enjoying the first truly cool evening of fall, I dined on three courses alongside some of my favorite Nola vegans:

Sweet potato hummus

Autumn salad

Polenta cake with roasted vegetables

Rouxchambeaux, the lovely band which melded perfectly into the garden's atmosphere

I hope that New Orleans vegans can look forward to many innovative dinners at The Pepper Lantern.

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