365 Project Day 261: A muffuletta is a lot

Some New Orleans foods have traveled around the world with their popularity. But some have stayed right here at home.

Such is the case with an enormous sandwich called a muffuletta. Unlike the history of the poboy, whose origins are without dispute, the provenance of the muffuletta is hotly argued.

Two delis just a few doors apart each insist that it is they who first created the cold cut sandwich, with its heaps of meat and cheese and dressed with its signature olive salad.  But most folks agree that it originated at Central Grocery on Decatur Street - after all, so many good New Orleanian things came from Sicilians.  (Hint: my great grandparents ran a similar grocery on Louisiana!)

Central does, in fact, made a vegetarian version of its enormous sandwich that leaves out the meat but keeps the cheeses and olive salad.  However, to get a vegan version of this classic, you've gotta make it at home.  And you can do so with ease!  I got all my ingredients at the Whole Foods on Broad.

The hardest part of this is finding the bread, which is crucial: it should be a round Italian loaf with sesame seeds, not too hard a crust, and soft and moist inside.  I couldn't find a seeded loaf, so I used a round plain Italian loaf.  The size was small and the seeds were lacking, but the texture was just perfect.  (FYI, it's about half the size of a "normal" muffuletta.)  I then piled on Field Roast smoked tomato slices, Tofurky hickory smoked slices, and Tofurky pepperoni slices (since I can't usually find vegan salami).

 I topped all that with some Daiya provolone slices and of course a few heaping spoons of olive salad.  You've gotta get real olive salad; don't go thinking you'll just put some olives on there.  Not. the same. thing.  Olive salad contains some other pickles, and it's all marinated in olive oil.  (Yes really.)

If you love olives, you can make this layer an inch thick.  I do not love olives, so I then added some marinated mushrooms.

Dinner is served.

This is not a sandwich for those watching carbs, or fat, or salt... or anything really.  Why yes, that is a pool of olive oil. Thanks for asking.


  1. That sandwich is a thing of beauty and deliciousness.

  2. Muffalettas are my favorite sandwiches ever... I haven't had one since going vegan and now I'm totally craving some. I totally put some olive salad in my pasta sauce to make up for not having a sandwich of goodness.

  3. Yum!!! Breads on Oak makes a "muffanda" with tempeh and the works!! Soooo good and perfect for those like me who love vegan muffalatas but are too lazy to make at home!


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