365 Project Day 245: Beign-yay!

Beignets are one of the most popular "New Orleans" foods - both for locals and for tourists. Folks flock to beignet spots, and it's easy to spot the newbies: they don't know quite how to get the sugar out of its tin shaker (turn it over and tap the bottom!), and they've foolishly worn dark colors, meaning that everyone who sees them for the rest of the day will know just exactly what they had for breakfast.  It's fried bread with sugar on it - where can you go wrong?

Sadly, in the ingredients.  Beignets, which are French fritters and were brought to Nola by its numerous French colonists, are traditionally made with choux pastry.  Choux pastry, traditionally, is made of flour, water, eggs, and butter - making the beignets at locales like Cafe du Monde and Morning Call a non-starter for us vegan folk.  **sadface**

But, aha!  Local vegan restaurant Seed to the rescue!  Thanks to this restaurant's tireless efforts to be the best thing ever in the world, local and traveling vegans alike can revel in the joy that is fried bread with sugar on it!  This of course should not be everyday eating, but is a delightful occasional treat.

Beignets at Seed, with the hand stylings of local vegan Jehu Johnson
Get the t-shirt.


  1. These look great. I hope to visit New Orleans someday, so it's nice to know there are some traditional vegan treats on offer.

  2. aw man. Quite a few years ago, I spent two weeks in NOLA for a course I was taking... but there weren't any vegan beignets back then. I gotta come back!

  3. Beign-yay indeed! I've never had a beignet but I'd bet money that I'll love them.


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