365 Project Day 253: Brighter Brews

Everyone loves a nice cold beer in Nola.  We drink them at boils and during Saints games, and during Mardi Gras it's something of a tradition to share a beer with a stranger.  So it's no surprise then that we make our own.

In addition to its proud rums, Louisiana boasts several locally brewed beers.  These include:
I'm grandfathering in Dixie here, as it's now contract-brewed in Wisconsin.  They held out as New Orleans' oldest operating brewery until Katrina, when the flooding was too much for the old facility to bear.  Its old brewery is still here, falling apart over on Tulane Avenue, but soon to be refurbished and incorporated into the new VA hospital complex.  So it goes.  We also must remember those great fallen breweries of Jax, now a mall of sorts, and Falstaff, now converted into apartments.  (Incidentally, I can see the iconic Falstaff tower from my front porch.)

The best part is, all these local beers are vegan!  So next time you have a poboy or some red beans, enjoy it alongside an Abita Amber.  Or a Nola Hopitoulas.  Or even a plain ol' Dixie.

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