365 Project Day 250: ...Liquor is Quicker

For those of you following along, you'll maybe have noticed that yesterday's post ended with a question.  What besides sugar is made with sugarcane?

That's right friends.  Where there is sugarcane, there is rum.  Rum production was a profitable side business for sugar plantations in Louisiana in the 1800s.  Production died off for a good long while, but in (very) recent years has seen a resurgence.  This renaissance, according to many, was kicked off by local artist Michalopoulos and his Old New Orleans Rum.  Its Celebration Distillation distillery is located on the cusp between the upper corner of the Seventh Ward and Gentilly, and tours are given several times a day.  And, yes, it's made with Louisiana sugar cane.

They also use their signature crystal rum in a spicy kicky beverage called Gingeroo.  Check out that ginger pulp in the bottom of the bottles!  Despite its polished look, rest assured that this is a beverage hand-crafted in Nola.

Outside the city, we have Bayou Rum, which makes special batches with items like our wonderful seasonal satsumas.

Find these rums in groceries, bars, and restaurants all over town.

You could get this Toasted Coconut Fizzy at Sugar Park, made with house made coconut soda!  But for some dang reason they'll also make it with *Bacardi*.  Maybe you could ask for local rum instead!

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