365 Project Day 273: Farewell to this year's Vegan Month of Food!

Well folks, that's all she wrote for VeganMoFo 2014. It was a pretty great ride though huh? I hope my dedicated followers now feel well and truly versed - or at the very least thoroughly overviewed - in the food stylings of New Orleans.

Questions? Comments? Did I fail to answer any burning questions? Please holler at me! I would love to appease all appetites.

And now for the final post of the month, we'll take one last look at the produce still growing in and around Nola.  What could be more New Orleanian than the foods that grow in our own soil?  Just yesterday at Hollygrove I found this abundance of edible plantlife from New Orleans and its many nearby farms:

Baby lettuces

Grown-up lettuces

Shy cucumbers

Perfectly purple eggplants

Unassuming oyster mushrooms

Plump persimmons

Tantalizing tabasco peppers

Thai basil



and more radishes

And of course not edible but oh-so-lovely fall flowers.

Farewell fellow MoFoers!  Until next year!  Of course, I'll be here no matter when you pop by.  ;)

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