365 Project Day 260: Big Time

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming of Nola foods! And we're gonna dive right in to one of Nola's favorite items: sugary beverages. Or, should I say, cold drinks. I say soda probably because I picked it up from TV. But locals will tell you, that there is a cold drink, or possibly a coke. What kind of coke you want? Orange? Root beer? It's sort of like how all tissues are Kleenex and all copes are Zeroxes. When sodas aren't cold drinks, they're cokes.

Today I'd like to specifically discuss the sickly-sweet delight that is Big Shot.  Big Shot began in 1935 and continues to be a local favorite.  While it is now made by the National Beverage Corp., it has only moved from Metairie Road to Harahan in its production.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe it's distributed outside of the New Orleans area.  It comes in many quirky flavors like peach, red cream, fruit punch, watermelon, and strawberry, but the enduring favorite is pineapple.  This cold drink might give you diabetes (diahbeetus) by just looking at it... but who can resist a classic?  Find it in a rainbow of colors wherever you make groceries.

Big Shot assortment at the local Walgreens

A full shelf of Big Shot Pineapple at Circle Food Store

Big Shot machine (featuring Pineapple, of course) out front of Circle Food Store

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