365 Project Day 263: Poppin.

Today we're gonna talk more about sugar.  Specifically, about soda (or cold drinks or "pop" if you're from a particular slice of the Midwest).  Much like we've had a spate of rum makers pop up due to local sugar supplies, we've also had an influx of soda makers.  Two such products popped out at me when I last visited the Carrollton Avenue Rouses: Fest and Swamp Pop.

Both are made with local sugar, and both come in exciting flavors.  Fest is apparently made by a Chicago-based company, but is licensed under "Vibe Cola LLC" of New Orleans,  and is only sold in the Nola area.  It's offered in Bamboula (Almond Cola), Flambeaux (Satsuma Mint Soda), Papa Joe (Pecan Root Beer), and Lulu (Bourbon Cream Soda).  They boast a bold motto: "Flavor is our Birthright."  At 44 grams of sugar per bottle, I'm not sure where their claims of "healthier" are coming from, but it's tasty.

Swamp Pop came out of Lafayette but is distributed nationally.  It's offered in Ponchatoula Pop Rouge (theoretically this is strawberry flavored; Ponchatoula has a strawberry festival each spring), Noble Cane Cola, Satsuma Fizz (satsumas are the much tastier local answer to clementines), Praline Cream Soda, and Jean Lafitte Ginger Ale.  (Jean Lafitte is, of course, our most favorite local pirate.

I haven't tried all of these yet, and at the rate that I drink sodas it'll probably take me a year or more to do so.  If I find anything truly spectacular, I'll let y'all know.

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