365 Project Day 262: Coffee Country

In the late 90s, hip coffee shops began popping up all over the country.  Lattes and frappes were the big new thing.  Meanwhile, folks in New Orleans chuckled.

See, being a major port city, we've always had a coffee culture here.  Locals have chatted over Creole cafe au lait (strong chicory coffee mixed with steamed milk) with a side of beignets since 1862, and at Morning Call nearly as long.  As for the "modern" style coffee shops folks hang out in these days, PJ's Coffee opened its first store in 1978, many years before Starbucks thought about starting to franchise.

The New Orleans port imports the lion's share of coffee that comes into the US, so it's no surprise that we also roast beans here.  French Truck coffee will deliver freshly roasted coffee right to your door.  My daddy drinks Community Coffee and my mama drinks CDM with chicory.  Most of the year, though, I drink my coffee iced.

NO Brew and Cool Brew iced coffee concentrates

NO Brew with vanilla almond milk - my favorite.

CDM Coffee and Chicory - my mama's favorite.

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