365 Project Day 257: Makin' Groceries.

So, about that vernacular thing.  Around here, a lot of us don't go grocery shopping; we make groceries.  Really!  I mean, we don't physically create groceries.  But instead of saying we're going shopping, we say we're makin' groceries.  There's even a popular local card game based on the phrase - it works like go fish and was my very favorite as a kid.

Why do we talk like that?  I've heard some theories about how the French verb translates to English.  We say all kinds of funny things - who dat instead of who's that (yes, that's where that came from), where y'at instead of where are you, and ya mama 'n them instead of your family.  Folks from Gentilly and further out might wear poils to the terlet in the jernt before the berl.  It's part of our charm.

My favorite part about makin' groceries though, aside from the FOOD, is the names of our grocery stores.  The groceries with old family names are inevitably the most interesting.

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