365 Project Day 255: and a Dash of Heat.

In New Orleans there are two kinds of families: Tabasco families and Crystal families.  And I'm not here to tell you who's right and who's wrong, except to say that Tabasco sauce is infinitely better than Crystal and you shouldn't even bother with that nonsense.

I will admit, though, that I used to LOVE the whiff of peppers I used to get driving past the old Crystal factory at Carrollton and Tulane.  Sadly, after the storm it was converted into condos.  They call it The Preserve - ain't that adorable?

There are, of course, other hot sauces made here.  We love flavor and spice and peppers grow like weeds, so that's only natural.  There are whole tourist shops downtown that sell almost nothing but hot sauce - go sample them on Decatur Street.  Nearly all of them boast a simple ingredient list of peppers and vinegar.

One that's a little different is Pick-a-Peppa sauce.  It's made in Jamaica, but brought to the states via the New Orleans port - (did you know we're still a major port city?).  So we've somewhat adopted it - really it slides right in.

In conclusion, who wants to go tour Avery Island with me?


  1. Very cool blog, Melissa! I visited NOLA for the first time last summer and it was so great...although I wish I would have visited your blog prior to going!

  2. I am a Tabsaco person for sure - but I also love Pickapeppa. For a little while, I had a yoga student whose husband was one of the main importers for Pickapeppa, and that was how I first heard of it. When I was in NOLA, years ago, I drove out to Avery Island and walked around the Tabasco farm. So beautiful!

  3. I love informative posts like this, and clearly I need to boost my hot sauce collection!


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