365 Project Day 252: Poboy Pleasures

I've talked about poboys before, so I won't bore you with the details of the sandwich's history.  Aw, who am I kidding.  There is nothing boring about it, so here's a brief explanation:
In 1929, the city's streetcar conductors went on strike.  The Martin brothers, who had worked for the streetcar but left it to open a cafe in the French Market, still felt strong ties to their fellow streetcar workers.  They invented a sandwich on extra-wide and flat Gendusa French bread to feed the "poor boys" during the strike.  And as a result of the tendency of the local dialect to drop r-sounds at the ends of words, the po' boy was born.
So there you go.

The rub comes when you want a vegan poboy.  The sandwiches began with roast beef drippings or "debris," and then moved on to actual sliced roast beef, and then to all manner of fried seafood, sausage, and other such meaty fillings.  They're also slathered in mayonnaise - they must be, as it is a key to their unique flavor.  What's a vegan to do?

Never fear - as always there are answers.  You can get a french fry poboy from Parkway and add your own mayo, and even your own gravy.  You can head down to Seed and have one made with tofu nuggets.  You could head to Killer Poboy in the back of Erin Rose for a sweet potato offering.  Or, like I did this past weekend, you can go to 13 Monaghan on Frenchman for this herbed tofu delight.

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