365 Project Day 251: Hollygrove Harvest

On this eighth day of VeganMoFo, I'd like to take a closer look at the offerings of Hollygrove Market and Farm in New Orleans' Hollygrove neighborhood.

Hollygrove both grows their own produce and sources from local growers.  Each day, they offer a "box" (usually put in a bag, though) of fresh local produce for $25.  Brilliantly, Hollygrove shares the farm on which each offering was grown.

It's much like a CSA offering, with a little bit more choice in what veggies you get through a frequent "this or that" system on some of the offerings.  A discounted $20 box is available to neighborhood residents and people of lower income, and volunteers earn free produce.  In these ways, Hollygrove is a wonderful support and resource for its immediate community.

Yesterday's box had the following local produce to offer:

Sweet potatoes, apples, cucumbers...

...green peanuts, okra, squash...

...banana peppers...

...arugula, purple peas, lettuce, and mustard greens.

Hollygrove isn't the only spot making local-grown produce available to Nola folks, but it is the most consistent - other markets are only one day a week in each location - and there's always something special to be had.

Here's to fresh produce and to eating locally!

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