Super-Exciting May 2014 Announcement #1 of 3: Vegan Scavenger Hunt!

Hello friends!  This May is a very exciting month for Nola area vegans.  I am thusly very excited to announce that, in conjunction with Nola Veggie Fest and Nola Veg Out Week, New Orleans in Green is hosting a Vegan Scavenger Hunt!

How to play:

· Join the Facebook event via New Orleans in Green’s Facebook page.

· Find examples of as many of the listed items as possible during Nola Veg Out Week, May 12th to 18th, and take a photo.  PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!  Pictures must be new (not taken before May 10th), and must be yours.

· Post your pictures in a Facebook album called “Nola Vegan Scavenger Hunt 2014.” (If you don’t use Facebook but do use Twitter or Instagram, or have a blog, send an email to bastian613@gmail.com to work out another arrangement.)

· Tag them with #vegannola AND #VegOutWeekSH.  Pics without both of these tags will not be considered in your entry!

· Comment on the event on New Orleans in Green’s Facebook page to let us know you’ve completed your album or are otherwise ready to enter.

**All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm on Sunday, May 18, 2014.**

1. a vegan po boy
2. vegan mayo
3. a vegan pastry
4. a vegan taco
5. a vegan hot dog
6. a vegan pizza
7. a LOCAL vegan beer
8. a food truck that offers vegan options
9. an urban vegetable garden
10. LOCALLY made tofu
11. vegan ice cream
12. a vegan brunch
13. a head of kale
14. a vegan hamburger
15. a vegan cookbook found in a LOCAL bookstore

How to win:

The three top-scoring entrants (or, if multiple folks have equally complete entries, via random drawing) win prizes!

Third Prize: the “I am not a paper cup” original reusable coffee cup, plus a $5 gift certificate to 3 Potato 4!

Second Prize: a $10 gift certificate to Breads on Oak, two sets of blank Creole Cat cards, and a Mr. Okra in your Pocket!

First Prize: New Orleans Vegan Prize Pack Bonanza!  This includes gift certificates to area restaurants, a sampling of vegan chocolates, a bottle of vegan wine, and a super-secret surprise from New Orleans in Green!

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