Scavenger Hunt WINNERS!!

Hello all!  Thanks to everyone for participating in NOiG's First Annual Nola Veg Out Week Scavenger Hunt!  It has been SO great to see your pics rolling in!  But enough of my babble - let's get to what you REALLY want to know: who won?!  Without further ado:

Third place goes to: Jackie Deak Akey - bunny mama and all-around great lady!!  Check out her Scavenger Hunt album here.  Some highlights:

Second place goes to: Amber Constant, Instagrammer extraordinaire!  Check out her Scavenger Hunt pics here.  Some favorites:

And finally... DRUMROLL PLEASE... First Place goes to the Dynamic Duo of Adrienne Ajax Johnson and Stacey Cakes!  These gals had a magnificent week, and it shows!!

Congrats to the winners - I'll be in touch about claiming your prizes.  And thanks to everyone who participated!

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