365 Project Day 142: Filipino Fabulous

Editorial note: did y'all know that Milkfish, Nola's only Filipino restaurant, can make most of its dishes vegan by using faux meats and omitting egg?  Also, did you know that it's DELICIOUS??

Adobo at Milkfish


Scavenger Hunt WINNERS!!

Hello all!  Thanks to everyone for participating in NOiG's First Annual Nola Veg Out Week Scavenger Hunt!  It has been SO great to see your pics rolling in!  But enough of my babble - let's get to what you REALLY want to know: who won?!  Without further ado:

Third place goes to: Jackie Deak Akey - bunny mama and all-around great lady!!  Check out her Scavenger Hunt album here.  Some highlights:

Second place goes to: Amber Constant, Instagrammer extraordinaire!  Check out her Scavenger Hunt pics here.  Some favorites:

And finally... DRUMROLL PLEASE... First Place goes to the Dynamic Duo of Adrienne Ajax Johnson and Stacey Cakes!  These gals had a magnificent week, and it shows!!

Congrats to the winners - I'll be in touch about claiming your prizes.  And thanks to everyone who participated!

365 Project Day 139: Pagoda Pepper

I don't know about you, but I had an amazing time during Nola Veg Out Week. And the best part is that the fun never has to stop! For instance, I bet you haven't tried the awesome vegan (and often gluten-free) options at Pagoda Cafe!

Hummus and Pepper sandwich at Pagoda Cafe


Nola Vegan Scavenger Hunt Clues, Day 7!
365 Project Day 138

Happy last day of Nola Veg Out Week!  And what a great week it's been.

Not coincidentally, today is also the last day for the vegan scavenger hunt - did you find all 15 items?  I wonder what restaurant could help out with item #s 6 and 7... where do you reckon makes vegan pizza and sells local vegan beer?  (There just may be a hint below.)

Whatever you've got, make sure you post your pics in a Facebook album called Nola Vegan Scavenger Hunt 2014 and tag each photo with #veganNOLA and #VegOutWeekSH by 11:59pm tonight!

Also, don't forget to join us at 9am for breakfast at Seed, and then from 11am to 3pm for the neighborhood cleanup and grill-out!

Wild Mushroom Pasta at Louisiana Pizza Kitchen


Nola Vegan Scavenger Hunt Clues, Day 6!
365 Project Day 137

What New Orleans restaurants use local tofu?  You never can tell - better start asking around so that you can find vegan scavenger hunt item #10!  I wonder if anyone uses it in a brunch... that would be great for #12 too!  There is of course no shortage of vegan brunches today - stop by the brunches at Santa Fe Tapas or a special O! Vegasm brunch at Cue & Cushion and you're sure to be satisfied!  (And maybe join us at Seed tomorrow morning!)

Seed's Breakfast Plate, including house made seitan sausage, home fries, and tofu scramble


Nola Vegan Scavenger Hunt Clues, Day 4!
365 Project Day 135

Oh where, oh where can all the vegan pastry be?  I must snap a pic for vegan scavenger hunt item #3!  You're not likely to find any pastries at Raw Republic's Grand Opening Soiree tonight, but you ARE likely to have a fantastic, Nola Veg Out Week kinda night!

Strawberry Cashew Creme Brioche at Breads on Oak


Nola Vegan Scavenger Hunt Clues, Day 3!
365 Project Day 134

I scream, you scream, we all scream for vegan scavenger hunt item #11!  Perhaps maybe you want some ice cream when you come by 3 Potato 4 for Vegan Drinks on Friday?  Until then, satisfy your hunger with us tonight at Sneaky Pickle for Nola Veg Out Week!

Cherry Lime NadaMoo at 3 Potato 4 (in a gluten-free cone!)


Nola Vegan Scavenger Hunt Clues, Day 2!
365 Project Day 133

I hope you're enjoying Nola Veg Out Week, and the vegan scavenger hunt!  If you'd like to satisfy clue #6, come by Hagar's House Night at Pizza Delicious for Nola Veg Out Week!  Also, still searching for a vegan po boy to satisfy clue #1?  Seems like you should be able to find 13...

BBQ Tofu Po Boy at 13 Monaghan


Nola Vegan Scavenger Hunt Clues, Day 1!
365 Project Day 132

Welcome to Scavenger Hunt Clues week here on NOiG, and happy Veg Out Week!

Where oh where can a hungry vegan find some tacos in this town - and find item #s 4 and 8 for the vegan scavenger hunt?  Join us at the Taceaux Loceaux truck in front of Kingpin at 6pm this evening for a Nola Veg Out Week meetup, and you just may find #10 as well!

All Hat, No Cattle taceauxs from the Taceaux Loceaux food truck  (remember to order with no cheese and no crema!)


Here it is: NOIG's 2014 Vegan-Friendly Restaurant Guide!

Here it is!  Nola's first print guide for vegan options!  I hope y'all find it helpful - please feel free to spread it far and wide.  Click HERE for a computer-friendly PDF version, and HERE for a printable version to make your very own booklet.  (Printing instructions: print double-sided and flip on the short edge; fold in half, and voila!)

Full-color printed paper guides are now available!  Buy them at Breads on Oak, 3 Potato 4, Hey Cafe, or Dreamy Weenies, or order yours here for just $4 including shipping:

365 Project Day 131: Nola Veggie Fest Day Two!

Today is day two of the Nola Veggie Fest!  Judging by how awesome yesterday was, today should be even better!  Remember to stop by my table... and also to eat some delicious food!

The Plate from Chef Tim of Naturally N'awlins - bbq baked tofu, southern-style greens, and mac n cheese (rice pasta with almond-based cheese)

Dreamy Weenies' "Satchmo Dog" - it's topped with red beans and rice!!


NOiG's Official Veg Out Week Schedule!

Veggie Fest was AMAZING!  I hope made it out, but if not never fear, because Nola Veg Out Week begins on Monday!

Here are the events that I'm participating in - I'd love to see you at any or all of them!

Monday, May 12th through Sunday, May 18th:
NOiG Vegan Scavenger Hunt! Find and photograph vegan items, post them on social media, and win prizes!  There may be some hints on where to find items right in this here blog post...

Monday, May 12th:
Taceaux Loceaux food truck informal meetup! Join me at the truck around 6pm and enjoy some awesome vegan taceauxs, from a food truck, made with local tofu... hint, hint.

Tuesday, May 13th:
Hagar's House Night at Pizza Delicious! 10% of proceeds from the evening will go to Hagar's House, an important community resource - plus vegan pizza!  (Again, hint, hint.)

Wednesday, May 14th:
Dinner at the Sneaky Pickle featuring new and exotic vegan items! Specials will run until they run out.  I'll be there at 7:30 pm.

Thursday, May 15th:
Raw Republic Grand Opening Soiree! With juice samples, performances by Out on a Limb, and more! 6:30-9:30pm

Also Thursday, May 15th:
New Orleans Poetry Brothel call-in with special veg-related poems!

Friday, May 16th:
Vegan Drinks returns to New Orleans! 3 Potato 4 hosts an evening of libations, networking, and awesome food.  Wonder if there will be any local vegan beers there?

Saturday, May 17th:
Brunch at Santa Fe Tapas!  Hmm.  Vegan brunch... anybody need a picture of that?

Also Saturday, May 17th:
Vegan t-shirt day at Bayou Boogaloo! Come out to the bayou between 4 and 6 pm wearing your vegan t-shirt and show some pride!

Sunday, May 18th:
9am breakfast at Seed, followed by a 7th Ward neighborhood cleanup and grill-out to wrap up Veg Out Week!  Any time next week, wear your Veggie Fest wrist band to receive 20% off of your meal between 2 and 6pm.

Also Sunday, May 18th:
More vegan brunch with O! Vegasm chef John Morales at Cue & Cushion, 417 Commerce (Harahan).  RSVPs and reservations are requested on the O! Vegasm Facebook page event.

Also Sunday, May 18th:
Vegan brunch with Sid & Dom's Vegan Delites at Black Star Books on the Westbank (tentative). 

HAPPY VEG OUT WEEK Y'ALL!  See you at Veggie Fest Day Two tomorrow!  :D

Happy Veggie Fest!! 365 Project Day 130

Today is the first day of Nola Veggie Fest 2014!  The brilliant bakers from Breads on Oak will be on site today and tomorrow, selling their wonderful vegan treats as well as demonstrating and discussing vegan baking! Catch baker Sean on the Cafe Istanbul stage at 11am today.  He's the genius behind this cruffin:

Maple tempeh, mushroom pate, and cashew creme "cruffin" (croissant muffin) from Breads on Oak


SUPER-EXCITING May 2014 Announcement #3 of 3: THE BIG ONE!

Hello friends.  The time has come for me to share my REALLY big news with you.  Are you ready??

It's this:

I've written Nola's first paper guide to
vegan options in New Orleans!
And it will be available for the first time ever this weekend at the Nola Veggie Fest!!
The cover looks like this!  And I am excited beyond words to share it with you!  (Update: go HERE for a free PDF!)

As to the question burning in your mind: how do you get yourself a copy?  Sadly I do not have my official, professionally printed stash yet.  :(  Quality printing takes time.  BUT!  Should you choose to come visit me at Veggie Fest on Saturday, you have a good chance of getting one!  For FREE!  Like so:
  • The first 50 people to come to my table and request it will receive a free black and white copy of the guide.
  • The first 10 people to come by and sign up to receive New Orleans in Green's blog posts via email will receive a free COLOR copy in a lil gift bag with other goodies!
As usual, it pays to be early!

After Veggie Fest, a PDF version of the guide will be offered, also for free, through a link on this here blog.  Paper copies will be available (once I receive them from the printer) for $4 per copy, postage included.  (Trust me, I am NOT profiting on this, just trying to recoup some of my out of pocket expense.)  A booklet-formatted PDF will also be available for a $1 donation.

See you at the Fest - I can't wait!!

365 Project Day 129: Sneaky Beets

Join us at the Sneaky Pickle next Wednesday, May 14th for a special Nola Veg Out Week celebration!

Beet flatbread at Sneaky Pickle


Melissa Bastian's Gumbo Z!

These are trees.  Do not eat them.
Per a request on the Vegan New Orleans community page, I am sharing my recipe for Gumbo Z'herbes (green gumbo).  It's loosely based on the recipe by the illustrious Kittee Berns of Cake Maker to the Stars fame.  Gumbo Z is a dish traditionally eaten during lent here in Nola, but it's a hearty soup and a great way to use up greens from, say, a CSA box.  Whatever greens you use, make sure there's an odd number of them for luck.  :)

Melissa Bastian's Gumbo Z!

-a really big freakin soup pot
-a nonstick frying pan
-a long wooden spoon
-a nonstick-safe whisk
-an immersion blender (you can also use a food processor or regular blender / vitamix, but it'll be a lil harder!)

-four different large bunches of greens plus a small box of baby spinach (any greens will do - I've used turnip greens, kale, beet greens, collards, dandelion, you name it.  One of the bunches should be parsley though!)
-10 to 12 cups of water, depending on how thick you want your soup
-1/3 cup vegetable oil
-1/3 cup flour
-one large onion, chopped
-2 to 3 tablespoons chopped garlic (more if you like)
-3 spears chopped celery
-1 tablespoon of Tony Chachere's original seasoning salt
-1 tablespoon salt
-1 tablespoon liquid smoke
-Tabasco sauce

-Clean and coarsely cut your greens - remove any very big stems.
-Put your water in the big soup pot and bring it to a boil.
-Put the greens in the boiling water and let cook down.
-While your greens are boiling, make your roux:
  • Put the oil in your nonstick skillet and heat to medium-high.
  • Once the oil is hot, slowly add in your flour (take about a minute to add it all, stirring constantly with your whisk!).
  • Stand there and stir it CONSTANTLY.  For the first five or so minutes, you'll be like, why am I doing this?  And then suddenly it will take on a whole new consistency.  Keep cooking your roux until it's a nice blonde or very light caramel color.
  • Once it's the right color, add in your chopped onion, garlic, and celery.  cook while stirring for about another five minutes.
-Your greens should be pretty well boiled down and soft by now.  Add your roux, Tony's, salt, and liquid smoke to the soup pot.
-Let everything simmer together in the soup pot for about 15 minutes.
-Then, CAREFULLY use your immersion blender to puree everything in the pot.  It will take a lil while.  (If you're using a food processor or blender, you may need to let the soup cool for a little while so that it's safe to pour.  This will not hurt your soup; it is just annoying.)
-Once everything is pureed (and you've brought the soup back up to simmering if you had to take it out of the pot), add the box of baby spinach.  This will give your soup a nice, green-ey texture.
-Continue simmering everything together for 30 to 45 minutes.  Once it's all cooked, add Tabasco sauce to taste.  (Don't even talk to me about Crystal.)
-Serve hot or chilled, over rice or not.  (My favorite is over baked brown rice!)

365 Project Day 127: Gumbo Major

A full bowl of vegan gumbo at Carmo, frequently available as the soup du jour


Super-Exciting May 2014 Announcement #2 of 3: Neighborhood Cleanup!

Hello all!  Here's an awesome way to wrap up Nola Veg Out Week - let's help with a neighborhood cleanup!  Bill Walker, co-owner of the Lost Love Lounge, is looking for volunteers on Sunday the 18th.

  • Sunday, May 18th from 11am to 3pm - cleanup from 11am - 1pm, then grilling and hanging from 1pm - 3pm.
  • 1200 to 1400 blocks of St. Anthony for cleanup, 1321 St. Anthony for grilling and water
  • If you're helping with the cleanup, please bring a pair of work gloves for your own use (and dress for labor!) - I will provide trash bags
  • Vegan food and beverages will be provided - but feel free to bring a sixpack (or whatever).  (Be aware that meat will also be being grilled - I am sure Bill will do an admirable job of preventing any cross-contamination!)
Please message on Facebook or email me to let me know that you're coming so we have enough food, drink, and trash bags to go around.  I'll be getting brunch at Seed at 9 that morning, to fuel up for the cleanup - please feel free to join me!  Looking forward to seeing you there!

365 Project Day 125: Grand Slam

Garden Slammer (scrambled tofu, tempeh "bacon", chili, and shredded hash browns) at Slim Goodies


Super-Exciting May 2014 Announcement #1 of 3: Vegan Scavenger Hunt!

Hello friends!  This May is a very exciting month for Nola area vegans.  I am thusly very excited to announce that, in conjunction with Nola Veggie Fest and Nola Veg Out Week, New Orleans in Green is hosting a Vegan Scavenger Hunt!

How to play:

· Join the Facebook event via New Orleans in Green’s Facebook page.

· Find examples of as many of the listed items as possible during Nola Veg Out Week, May 12th to 18th, and take a photo.  PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!  Pictures must be new (not taken before May 10th), and must be yours.

· Post your pictures in a Facebook album called “Nola Vegan Scavenger Hunt 2014.” (If you don’t use Facebook but do use Twitter or Instagram, or have a blog, send an email to bastian613@gmail.com to work out another arrangement.)

· Tag them with #vegannola AND #VegOutWeekSH.  Pics without both of these tags will not be considered in your entry!

· Comment on the event on New Orleans in Green’s Facebook page to let us know you’ve completed your album or are otherwise ready to enter.

**All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm on Sunday, May 18, 2014.**

1. a vegan po boy
2. vegan mayo
3. a vegan pastry
4. a vegan taco
5. a vegan hot dog
6. a vegan pizza
7. a LOCAL vegan beer
8. a food truck that offers vegan options
9. an urban vegetable garden
10. LOCALLY made tofu
11. vegan ice cream
12. a vegan brunch
13. a head of kale
14. a vegan hamburger
15. a vegan cookbook found in a LOCAL bookstore

How to win:

The three top-scoring entrants (or, if multiple folks have equally complete entries, via random drawing) win prizes!

Third Prize: the “I am not a paper cup” original reusable coffee cup, plus a $5 gift certificate to 3 Potato 4!

Second Prize: a $10 gift certificate to Breads on Oak, two sets of blank Creole Cat cards, and a Mr. Okra in your Pocket!

First Prize: New Orleans Vegan Prize Pack Bonanza!  This includes gift certificates to area restaurants, a sampling of vegan chocolates, a bottle of vegan wine, and a super-secret surprise from New Orleans in Green!

365 Project Day 123: Pagoda Perfect

Mushroom, sweet potato, brown rice savory turnover at Pagoda Cafe (order with tomato chutney instead of Siracha unless you loooove the heat). Stop by after the fest... or before!