UPDATED Special Announcement: JUAN'S HAS TOFU!

UPDATED UPDATE 5/5/2014: the sort of bare tofu tacos previously offered have been improved!  We spoke and they listened - they've added black beans, guac, and lettuce for a much more complete taco!  Check it out:

Original post:

Hello friends!  After much asking, cajoling, and waiting, Nola's veg community has been appeased: Juan's Flying Burrito is FINALLY offering tofu!  It's at the Lower Garden District location only for now.  Get on down there and show them how much you appreciate the new offering!

365 Project Day 117: Strawberrylicious.

Strawberry Lemonade at Jazz Fest, benefiting Cafe Reconsile


365 Project Day 114: Total Score at 3 Potato 4!

Red skin potato wedges (with vegan garlic mayo!) and a hearty bowl of three bean chili at 3 Potato 4 New Orleans.  I love to mix the leftover garlic mayo into the chili!


365 Project Day 109: Make Mine Chocolate!

This Easter, remember that bunnies - while wonderful - are special animals that require a ten+ year commitment!  If you're ready, please adopt (don't shop)!  Your dream rabbit is just waiting for his forever home over at Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue in Baton Rouge.  If you're not ready - make yours chocolate!  (Vegan and fair trade while you're at it!)  These Rescue Chocolate chocolate bunnies were found at the West Esplanade Veterinary Clinic.

Left: Rescue Chocolate vegan bunnies   Right: Scamp and BabyGirl, rescued house rabbits!


EMERGENCY: Save Tony the Tiger - for real!

Hello Louisiana Resident friends.  I don't usually do this, but I am asking you to contact your state Representatives and Senators TODAY.  Like, RIGHT NOW.  Call them and email them, immediately. 
Find your senators here: http://senate.la.gov/Senators/
and your reps here: http://house.louisiana.gov/H_Reps/H_Reps_ByParish.htm

Why?  Because they are about to literally change the law that makes Tony the Tiger's captivity illegal.

How could that be, you ask?  Well.  Tiger Truck Stop's owners were sued by the ALDF, and the truck stop lost.  They appealed, and lost again.  The Louisiana Supreme Court won't take it because there is no new interpretation of law.  So what do they do now that the judicial branch has told them they're in the wrong?  They get together with Senator Rick Ward III and convince him to support a bill to CHANGE THE LAW.

Nothing about this is right.  The Big Cat law is in place for a reason!  The bill has passed through committee and is now in its final stage in the legislature.  Please contact your people TODAY and ask them to vote NO on SB 250!

The definition of wrong.

365 Project Day 106: Dirty Rice to Clean your Soul

Vegan Dirty Rice Balls at Santa Fe Tapas Saturday Brunch - go get some this weekend!


Big Announcement: NOiG will be at Nola Veggie Fest!!

Hello friends!  I am VERY excited to tell you that I'll have a table at this year's Nola Veggie Fest!  It'll be like this here blog has come to life!  I'll be there to share with you all the the knowledge I've accrued, answer your questions, make you laugh at my dumb jokes, and more!  I'll have some fun giveaways and such as well, to be determined.  So be there and/or be square!

365 Project Day 94: Pepperainbow.

A rainbow of local peppers at the Crescent City Farmer's Market