Bake Sale for the Philippines: Recap and Thanks!

Hello friends!  I'm here to report on yesterday's vegan bake sale, held to raise funds for Doctors without Borders.  The event was an extraordinary success!  We raised over $500 to be contributed to relief efforts in the Philippines!  I cannot properly express my gratitude to everyone who volunteered time, baked vegan goods, contributed raffle items, came to the event, and otherwise helped make this happen.

And now for the news you've all been waiting for: THE RAFFLE WINNERS!

General Raffle:
Fancy Raffle:
  1. Book Set goes to Rachel D.!
  2. Gift Basket goes to Greg Rodrigue - a fitting prize for the fellow who provided our venue!
  3. and The Painting by Rosie Peri goes to... ME!  I promise I won fair and square!  I had an impartial third party do the drawing and everything.
And the last bit of good news - even after our awesome sales, we had enough left over to donate a huge box of baked goods to Hagar's House in Mid-City, a shelter for women and children.

One again, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Thanks to the gentleman who didn't want baked goods or raffle tickets but gave us twenty bucks anyway.  Thanks to the women who were just passing through town, and chose to spend their few hours in town with us.  Thanks to all of you for caring and showing it.  Thank you for being such a magnificent community, and letting me be a part of it!

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