Happy Pumpkin Cheesecake Day!

Lately my FB feed has been blowing up with people saying that they want pumpkin in their EVERYTHING.  Apparently this is what happens when it gets a little chilly out.  Of course here in Nola, that just happened on Saturday!  I guess I get the pumpkin thing, but I'm not a winter squash kind of gal.  And btw y'all - pumpkin *spice* generally involves no pumpkin!  Just saying.

But I'm not here to hate on the pumpkin trend.  I'm here to say, if you want pumpkin in your vegan cheesecake, power to you!  This recipe from Tofutti looks dead on.  Enjoy your pumpkin cheesecake (and muffins and bread and latte and...), and happy (finally!) fall New Orleans!

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