Happy Halloween y'all!  This is a big favorite holiday here in New Orleans, so I hope you're all celebrating in style.  Did you maybe go to the Anba Dlo celebration at the New Orleans Healing Center on the 19th?  Or maybe you took the kids out to the Olde Towne Pumpkin Festival in Slidell?  Are you planning to hit The Haunted Mortuary this year?  I don't know if I'll make it... I might get to scared!

Whatever you're doing, make sure to keep the animals in mind!  Perhaps today is the perfect day to adopt a black cat?  In case you didn't know, black cats are rarely adopted due to superstition.  (If you do adopt one, make sure to keep him inside on Halloween as they can be targeted!  You should probably just keep him inside anyway.)  Also, don't forget to source your trick-or-treat candy responsibly!  I promise that it's totally possible to have a safe, responsible, AND FUN Halloween!!



The Kittens in my Backyard.
Hello friends!  And Happy National Cat Day!  I don't think I need to tell any of y'all to celebrate the greatness that is CATS.

If you live in Nola, you know that stray cats are a pretty big problem.  But also a very cute problem!

Have you been thinking of bringing a kitty into your family?  It's the perfect time to adopt one!  In fact, you can adopt one of the kitties that is in my backyard right now.  (Really, you can.)  You can also stop by the LA SPCA, ARNO, or the Uptown PetCo and see who's looking for a furever home.


Happy National Choclate Day!

YAY CHOCOLATE!  This is what my heart sings each time I get near some delicious, vegan, fair trade chocolate.  It is, of course, very important to make sure that your chocolate is verified fair trade and/or rainforest alliance.  Why?  You don't wanna know, just do it... (or if you do wanna know, click here.  But don't say I didn't warn you.)

The good news is that there is in fact plenty of ethically sourced vegan chocolate out there - just remember to enjoy in moderation!



Happy Greasy Foods Day!!

Ahhh, greasy foods!  We know we shouldn't eat them, but now and then we do anyway.  After all, they are SO delicious!

If you're in the market for a nice greasy treat, might I suggest stopping by Bridge Lounge on a Monday evening for hearty serving of Christion T's Asian Seasoned Fries!  Christion first made waves in Nola vegan circles with his amazing Korean food at Wandering Buddha, and is now bringing his magic to a new partnership called the V Pop-Up.  Lend your support and get your grease on!



As a nice follow-up to World Food Day, today is National Food Day!  Per the Food Day web site,

"Food Day is a nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food and a grassroots campaign for better food policies... Food Day aims to help people Eat Real. That means cutting back on sugar drinks, overly salted packaged foods, and fatty, factory-farmed meats in favor of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and sustainably raised protein"
Food Day is the perfect time to reassess your eating habits.  Is it possible for you to buy products that are more responsibly produced?  More sustainable?  Even if you're already vegan, are you sourcing your products carefully, and making sure to include lots of fresh fruits and veggies?  Take the time to think about it.  Make the best choices you can.  It can only make your life - and the world - a better place!


Happy Pumpkin Cheesecake Day!

Lately my FB feed has been blowing up with people saying that they want pumpkin in their EVERYTHING.  Apparently this is what happens when it gets a little chilly out.  Of course here in Nola, that just happened on Saturday!  I guess I get the pumpkin thing, but I'm not a winter squash kind of gal.  And btw y'all - pumpkin *spice* generally involves no pumpkin!  Just saying.

But I'm not here to hate on the pumpkin trend.  I'm here to say, if you want pumpkin in your vegan cheesecake, power to you!  This recipe from Tofutti looks dead on.  Enjoy your pumpkin cheesecake (and muffins and bread and latte and...), and happy (finally!) fall New Orleans!


Happy Sweetest Day!

Yes, that's right, it's Sweetest Day - the day to celebrate all things sweet.  And while you may be tempted to celebrate with literal sweet things (like the vegan chocolate rose brioche that I'm planning to get from Breads on Oak), I will encourage you to celebrate other kinds of sweetness today.  Write a letter to an old friend.  Call yer mom.  Or go adopt a sweet lil kitten from the LA SPCA!  Whatever you do today, keep it sweet.  <3

This is my sweet baby Rufus when he was just a tiny sick baby - we nursed him back to health and he is now huge, strong, and crazy!  But still quite sweet.  ;)


3 Potato 4 New Orleans Grand Opening TONIGHT!!

Hello friends!  I hope to see you all tonight at the Grand Opening of New Orleans' newest vegan restaurant, 3 Potato 4!  The franchise location, opened by local vegan community leader and nutritionist Jehan Strouse, is not only all vegan but is also all organic and biodynamic.  On offer are three kinds of potato treats with a variety of house-made souces, as well as soups and chilis.

The restaurant's Grand Opening will be celebrated tonight, and will also play host to this month's Green Drinks co-hosted by LifeCity.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • 3 Potato 4 Grand Opening
  • Friday, October 18
  • 5pm to 9pm
  • 2727 S. Broad St. in Broadmoore


Happy National Noodle Day!!!

OMG it's National Noodle Day!  And as you may know, NOODLES ARE MY FAVORITE FOOD!  What can a vegan noodle lover like myself do on a day such as today?  Well let's see...  There's the bun at Magasin and Jazmine, soba at Oragami, spaghetti and "meat"balls at Sugar Park, udon at Little Tokyo, Pad Thai and Pad Woon Sen at Sukho Thai... hmm.  Maybe the real "problem" is how to choose!

Enjoy your noodles y'all.


Happy National Taco Day!!

I don't know about y'all, but I love me some tacos.  And fortunately there are plenty of vegan tacos to be had in Nola!  My two favorites are 1) the build-your-own tacos at Juan's Flying Burrito - I get them with corn, sweet potato, and mushrooms!  and 2) the Jane Deaux (hold the crema) from Taceaux Loceaux!  Sometimes they park behind my office building and we get to have Taco Wednesdays... those are the best days of the week.

What's your favorite vegan taco in Nola?


Happy World Vegetarian Day!!

Yes friends, it's World Vegetarian Day!  And also the kickoff to Vegetarian Awareness Month.  Do you have events planned in your community?  Let us know!  What do YOU think is the best and most effective way to promote vegetarianism, and why?

Personally, I like to tempt the world with vegan cupcakes.  :)

Whatever you do, keep it positive - for the planet, for the animals, and for all of us!