Possibly the funniest email I've ever received..

OK.  This is off topic, but I just have to share.  Somewhere along the line I got onto some mailing lists as a "food blogger."  Apparently the people sending the emails don't do their homework too well... today I received this one, entitled "Story Idea- Frugal Paleo Tips."  It goes like this:
Hi Melissa,

Out with the Atkins diet and in with dining caveman-style.  The Paleo pallet focuses on meats, vegetables and nuts and avoids items such as sugar, grains and processed foods. 

The Paleo diet can sometimes get expensive. Would you be interested in some tips on how to go Paleo without breaking the bank?

Let me know!
Oh, yeah, I'm totally into that thanks!  Except for not at all.  What the heck y'all?  Do other bloggers get these too?

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