Happy September! Happy VeganMoFo!!

Yes friends, it's that time again - VeganMoFo! The Vegan Month of Food.

Here at NOiG, I'll be continuing through the month with this year's theme of National Days.  We'll be celebrating some exciting national days this month, such as National Chocolate Milkshake Day, National Play-Dough Day, and National Coffee Day!  Ever wondered what Welsh rarebit is?  You're going to find out.  And soon!  Also, be sure not to miss the First Annual International Day of Kale, being celebrated on September 3rd!

September is also National Chicken Month {wherein we celebrate the awesomeness of Chickens - see below for some Nola residents}; National Honey Month {allowing us to muse on the awesomeness and importance of bees}; and National Mushroom, Papaya, Potato, and Rice Months.  Funsies!  I do hope you'll join me for this month's celebratory adventures.  Happy VeganMoFo!

Rooster and Hen do they dance at Lafreniere Park.

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  1. What a fun theme, Mel! :) Really looking forward to seeing all your MoFo posts.


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