Happy National TV Dinner Day!

Must say, this is such a terrible day! It feels like a conspiracy of the food industry.  In collaboration with the TV industry.  And possibly the devil.

But... if we're being honest, who among us doesn't enjoy a junky meal in front of the idiot box now and then?  If you're looking for a quick meal to microwave and then plop down on the couch with, might I suggest Amy's Vegan Mac n Cheeze.  I first tasted this item at the 2012 Veggie Fest at the New Orleans Healing Center, as an offering from the New Orleans Food Co-Op. Given that it was made with rice pasta (so as to be gluten free), I was skeptical to say the least.  But it was a free sample so whatever.  Imagine my surprise to find that it is DELICIOUS!  Not healthy by any stretch, but delicious nonetheless. This treat is still available in the Co-Op's frozen section.

If you happen to look at the nutritional content... well, just remember it's OK to indulge every now and then, and have a light salad tomorrow!  ;)

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  1. How did I miss National TV Dinner day? I think I am spacing on too many holidays. Now I must purchase one of those "idiot boxes".


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