Happy National Punch Day!

I loooove punch!  I didn't used to.  But then, as a joke, we registered for a real cut glass punch bowl when we got married... and someone got it for us.  So what do you do when you suddenly own a real cut glass punch bowl?  YOU FREAKING MAKE PUNCH THAT'S WHAT.

My favorite punch is simple and delicious.  To make it you will need:
  • a large punch receptacle, such as a punch bowl (which works best for presentation and serving)
  • a two-liter bottle of high quality ginger ale, chilled (sub some or all unsweetened citrus sparkling water for a less-sweet but still flavorful punch)
  • a bottle of vegan champagne or sparkling white wine, chilled
  • one quart of Brocato's lemon Italian ice (if you're not in Nola, I suppose some other Italian ice or sorbet will do)
  • two lemons, cut into thin rounds and frozen
To make your punch:
  • Run hot water over the outside of your lemon ice so that it can easily slide out.  Invert it so that it lands as a pillar in the center of your punchbowl.
  • Pour your bottle of ginger ale slowly over the lemon ice.
  • Next, pour your bottle of champagne over the lemon ice.
  • Finally, float the frozen lemon slices on the top of the punch, around the pillar of lemon ice that will still exist a bit after all that pouring.
Now invite all of your friends over to enjoy your delicious punch!  Spontaneous vegan punch party!!  And then get really excited that all of your friends are over and that you are totally jacked up on sugar from this delicious punch!

The end!

Of course, you could also just make some Kool-Aid...  Ahhh, memories.  ;)

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