Happy National Mushroom Month!

Happy National Mushroom Month!  What a wonderful month to celebrate.  I've often debated with myself whether my favorite food is noodles or mushrooms.  Noodles or mushrooms, mushrooms or noodles??  What a battle!  It raged and raged, until one day it dawned on me: I need not choose.  As luck would have it, these two foods happen to pair perfectly!  Therefore, my favorite food is noodles with mushrooms!  (Unless there are oyster mushrooms on the table, in which case other food may as well not exist.)

My luck did not stop there.  Did you know that mushrooms are cultivated throughout the Gulf south?  True story!  What that means is that I don't have to look far to find locally grown shiitakes, portobellos, buttons, and even more exotic varieties.  Joy!

How far is not far?  Well they're practically everywhere: at the farmer's markets, at the Whole Foods, and even at the Rouse's!  Mushrooms galore wherever fresh produce is to be found.  You can also join a foraging group at City Park to find all manner of delicious fungus.  (Just don't do it without the proper info - eating the wrong mushrooms is usually a bad idea!)

Happy mushrooming y'all!

Local shiitakes at the farmer's market
Louisiana and Mississippi mushrooms at Rouse's
Texas mushrooms in bulk at the Uptown Whole Foods

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