Happy National Mulled Cider Day... and Happy End of VeganMoFo 2013!

A fond farewell to VeganMofo 2013!  What a ride it's been.  I'm excited that I did in fact manage to get a post up for every day of September... some of them a bit late in the day, but whatever.  Even more fun, I saw so many excellent and exciting and amazing vegan blogs!  This truly is a brilliant community.

So, today is National Mulled Cider Day.  Well, it won't be cold enough for that here in Nola for oh, say, another two to three months.  Right now we're still excited when it gets into the 70s.  So what shall we have instead?  How about some fresh carrot apple orange juice down at Beaucoup... or maybe even a juice snoball?  Sounds right to me.  Happy endless summer, Nola... and happy end of VeganMofo!

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